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    • Waimea College takes out Hillary Outdoors Finals

      Waimea College takes out Hillary Outdoors Finals

      Waimea College brought home a winner’s grin, after battling 11 other top junior NZ teams across five days on Great Barrier Island, taking out this year’s Hillary Outdoors Get2Go Final, powered by Torpedo7.   Watch what went down on one of the event days here:      ... Read Post

      • 14 Jan 2019
    • How to Choose Your Tent

      How to Choose Your Tent

      New Zealand has many beautiful accessible as well as unique remote locations to set up your summer camp for family or friends.   These are some of the off-the-grid memories that you will cherish forever. Having an ace set-up is key to make the most of your special trip. Make sure you choose... Read Post

      • 03 Jan 2019
    • How to Choose Your Surfboard

      How to Choose Your Surfboard

      New Zealand’s coastline boasts beautiful east and west coast beaches. Due to the narrow shape of our islands, we are lucky to be able to access most surf sports within a few hours if travelling from inland.   With a nationwide movement to improve to tatou a te iwi (our people’s)... Read Post

      • 31 Dec 2018
    • How to Choose Your Mountain Bike

      How to Choose Your Mountain Bike

        New Zealand has some world’s most beautiful forests, some of which have been developed into some truly epic riding trails.   It’s no surprise that mountain biking is fast becoming the most popular and exhilarating way to experience the beauty of New Zealand and its majestic... Read Post

      • 28 Dec 2018
    • Leatherman 35 Years

      Leatherman 35 Years

      The making of a legendary product: Leatherman multi-tools When Tim Leatherman found himself plagued with problems like leaky hotel plumbing and a temperamental Fiat on a trip around Europe, little did he know his frustration would be the inspiration for a whole new product category ? the... Read Post

      • 08 Nov 2018
    • Choosing The Right Tent

      Choosing The Right Tent

      Buying a tent can be a confusing process whether its your first time around or you’re a seasoned camper. Here are a few things to consider; Sleeping Capacity It’s a good idea to go at least one size up if you want extra space on your camping trip and room for additional stuff. While... Read Post

      • 10 Oct 2018
    • A Quick Guide To Quick Pitch Tents

      A Quick Guide To Quick Pitch Tents

      Camping with family or friends is a summer well spent for many of us, whether the campground itself is the main attraction or it’s simply your base camp for nearby activities, quick pitch tents can be a very convenient way of making the most out of a trip. Quick pitch tents are fast pitching... Read Post

      • 08 Oct 2018
    • Top 10 Camping Essentials

      Top 10 Camping Essentials

      A camping trip in the outdoors can be an amazing adventure of if done incorrectly, a nightmare experience! The difference between a successful trip and a spectacular failure is the preparation and what you have packed. Here is our definitive list of essentials for any camping trip? 1.Tent Unless... Read Post

      • 08 Oct 2018
    • Unplug The Family These School Holidays

      Unplug The Family These School Holidays

      Kids in the 21st century are just the same as previous generations, they make noise, have too much energy and are just a messy, but they are different in that they are the first to be ?digital natives?. This phrase was originally coined in the 1990s but means a person born or brought up during... Read Post

      • 27 Sep 2018