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Thanks Dad, You’re Rad!

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Words don’t always come easy to the father figures in our lives but their love knows no bounds and they’ll often do whatever it takes to see their children become the best they can be. In a 24/7 world where we find ourselves running from one job to the next, we can often be guilty of taking this silent support for granted. With Fathers Day this Sunday we asked our team to share some words on how their dads have helped inspire and shape them into the athletes they are today.

We hope you all find time in your busy lives to share the same love with your own dads this weekend!

Brian and Tim - River Crossing

Tim Farrant and father Brian – the makings of a future adventure athlete


Fleur Pawsey

My Dad is not a big one for putting fatherly advice into words. Instead, he gives it every day by the way he lives his life. The glass is always more than half full, it’s on its way to overflowing. He makes the best of everything. If he’s farming through a drought, he says that every day is a day closer to rainfall. He watches the sunrise in the morning and declares he lives in paradise. He’s generous in spirit and sees the good side in everyone. What an example he sets! And actually he has given some advice to live by. He says if you’re getting up later than sunrise, you’ve wasted the best part of the day. I couldn’t agree more.


Jimmy Pollard

So coming from a competitive mountain biker and someone who generally likes to live fast the best piece of advice I ever got from my father was at a young age, about 11 or 12 saying “you’ve just got to pin your ears back and go for it!” I think this has helped me commit to the task at hand whether it be a 2 minute race run or trying a new line on trail, sometimes if you know what to do and everything is set up for you, all you need to do is commit and go for it! Scot Pollard, still spotting the gaps and finding lines at 65 years. Thanks Dad.

Mary Gray

My Dad has always loved being outdoors exploring and racing around the place. I’ve followed him into it and it is a big part of my life which I am stoked about! Thanks Dad


Hamish Fleming

Quite significant in my sporting endeavours was being able to borrow money for flights for my first international. When I went to say thank you and promised to reimburse him regardless of whether I was able to win any prize money Dad simply said, “don’t worry, it’s like betting on a horse and you’re a good one to back”. This initial loan allowed me to get overseas and was very significant in helping me get to where I am today.

Fi Dowling

My dad has always taught me to be myself – not to get caught up following the crowds. Being a hard grafter all his life he has also shown me the benefits of hard work and the importance of getting the job done! Two important things to utilize when in the outdoors, racing or adventuring. Thanks Dad!!

Tim Farrant


Andrew Sloan

Having grown up with Dad having a garage and service station – the advice and wisdom of all gear and equipment works best if it is well maintained is what still sticks with me to this day. “Preventative maintenance is always better than repair son…” whether it be cars, bikes or even lawnmowers, keep it well maintained and it won’t let you down in times of need.


Thanks to Dad for my well maintained Raleigh Chopper seen here back in the mid 1980s – my first 2 wheeler with the fancy 3 speed gears and Banana seat!


Nat Jakobs

Dad never said any quotes, but he has taught me how to be ‘self motivated’ which has helped a lot. My rowing coach who was like a grandad, he was pretty old school. He would always tell me “that races are always won with the top two inches of your head”

Kieran Bennett

Although I can’t really specifically think of any one piece of advice I have had from Dad over the years I think the biggest thing for me is what he has passed on to me. I grew up with Dad building hot rods in the garage and his DIY attitude definitely passed on to me and is something that has stuck with me to this day. From my early days of riding mountain bikes I took on the same attitude while working on my bikes, repairing, tinkering and constantly trying to improve them. This turned out to be a massive help when I was racing overseas as a privateer having to try and keep my bikes running, I ended up delving into everything from building wheels to rebuilding/servicing suspension and even rebuilding the motors in my dirt bikes (haven’t had any seize yet!). Ultimately dad has quietly guided a lot of things in my life and without him who knows where I would be, so thanks dad and keep being awesome.

Emily Wilson
emily wilson 1

Coast to Coast – the best support crew you could ask for

My Dad works really hard, and my brother, sister and I were privileged to grow up with many opportunities to pursue our passions. Dad installed in us a strong work ethic, the value of always following through on your word and giving everything your best. He is stubborn and strong-willed (much like I am) and he enjoys helping me race because he is competitive too. However, he has never put pressure on me and has only ever been very supportive of everything I choose to do in life. Dad has given me many insightful snippets of advice over the years. One thing I remember him telling me a few times is a quote from John Lennon in his childhood. When the teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, John said ”to be happy”. When the teacher told him that he hadn’t understood the question, he replied “you don’t understand life”. The most important thing in life is to be happy. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks heaps Dad for being my number 1 supporter!


Pete Oswald

“If you are gona do something DO IT RIGHT, don’t half ass things”

Matty Graham

The best advice from my Dad who is a man of few words is ‘Enjoy yourself out there mate’.
A man who showed his support through his presence and support rather than the words he speaks.


Duncan Campbell

How to narrow it down to just a single piece of advice? Favourite lines that stick with me; “When are we going fishing!! If your not having fun – you shouldn’t be doing it!  Chase what your passionate about and have fun!”

Merrin Brewster

My Dad used to say to me “choose a job that interests you, rather than looking at the money, so when the novelty of the money has worn off you’ll still have an enjoyable job”.  And check your vehicle tires before long trips – I still can’t leave the city boundaries with a clear conscience until I’ve checked my tires (including the spare)….


Thanks Dad for being there no matter what. For buying my first bike and inspiring me to get out and enjoy the wide open spaces under my own steam, you’ve always encouraged me to give it a go. Here’s to dads everywhere this coming weekend, the unsung heroes of countless adventures… See you out there.

James Mulcahy

James Mulcahy

Marketing & Sponsorship - Torpedo7


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