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The Road to Winter Fitness Starts Here!

Trying to keep fit over the winter can seem like the odds are stacked against you. It’s cold and often raining, and the reduced daylight hours see you off to work in the dark, with the sun going down just as you are heading home. Altogether much easier to stay inside in a warm home eating tasty hot comfort food- we’ve all been there! These obstacles and temptations are always going to be there, the only way to guard against them is to make keeping fit matter more.

An easy way to do this is to choose a winter event to train for, there are plenty going on! It might mean trying a sport that you haven’t done before, but between running (trail and road), mountain biking, duathlon, walking, or even orienteering; there is something out there for everyone. You may even choose an event that will help you sharpen your skills in preparation for a spring or summer event goal such as the Torpedo7 Spring Challenge, or even Ironman.


Pick an event that challenges and excites you, then set a goal for yourself that equally matches these criteria- it might be simply to finish, to achieve a goal time, or even to run a marathon without having to stop and walk. A goal is only motivational if it is meaningful to you, so set your sights on something that is challenging yet achievable and will make you feel proud of yourself.

Setting an achievable goal also depends on how much time you can realistically devote to preparing for your event. If work, time with family, or relationships are compromised on the way, this will only create stress and diminish your satisfaction in your achievement. Instead, take a look at your week and the commitments that are non-negotiable, then look for gaps. It might be while your child has sports practice, or a spare half an hour every other evening, or even during lunch break at work. Assess what you are capable of committing to, then let that guide your expectations of your event goal. This exercise timetable comprises your short term goals, and much like your event goal, it needs to be achievable and rewarding.

Now that you have outlined the weekly time you have to prepare for your event, plan what type of training you need to do based on the options you have available. If you are training for a bike race, but you only have 45mins, then a spin session will be a better option than a road or trail ride. Likewise, if you are planning a running event and your only time is during kids rugby practice, plan to pack your running gear to go and be back in time to meet the kids when they’re done. You might find managing three or four 30-45min workouts during the week is more achievable than it seems, and you still have the weekend up your sleeve for longer, more adventurous workouts.


Finally, assessing your training options relevant to your goal also requires taking a look at the resources available to you. If you are going to be doing a lot of your training outdoors, invest in some quality base layers or rainwear to make things more comfortable and enjoyable. If your available training times are mostly after dark, stay safe with high visibility clothing and lights. Having the right gear can make a big difference to your consistency of training- if your gear isn’t fit for purpose and detracting from your enjoyment of exercise, its time for a change. Training for your goal event doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or a struggle, sometimes the right shoes, apparel, or even nutrition are all you need to feel better during, and after exercise. If this sounds like you, check out the Torpedo7 range on our website, or pop in store and chat to our friendly staff. We will be happy to help you find what you need to succeed in your goal event.

See you out there!

Leah Lassche

Leah Lassche

Torpedo7 Marketing Co-ordinator


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