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    • Father’s Day Expert Top Picks

      Father’s Day Expert Top Picks

      Father’s Day is all about the adventurous dads who love to get out there with their families. To help you find an epic gift, our experts put together their top picks for all those dads who live and breathe the outdoors. Trail Masters Does your Dad like to get out there on his bike? Loose... Read Post

      • 21 Aug 2018
    • GodZone 2018

      GodZone 2018

      When I heard that Godzone 2018 was going to be in Fiordland I was super excited. How could it not be?  The south west corner of New Zealand, is filled with nothingness. No roads, no towns, just pure wilderness.  Ten days of racing here sounded epic! I was excited to be racing as part of […] Read Post

      • 14 Jun 2018
    • The Torpedo7 Hillary Challenge Final

      The Torpedo7 Hillary Challenge Final

      The secondary school battle for first place is intense The Hillary Challenge (video) is undoubtedly the toughest adventure competition for high school students and the battle for first is intense because it is a prestigious and highly coveted title for schools to achieve. Not only does this... Read Post

      • 08 May 2018
    • Shotover Moonlight Marathon

      Shotover Moonlight Marathon

      Some races are a winner by location alone, I’m in no doubt that the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon is one of these races! Set on the picturesque and rugged Ben Lomond High Country Station it’s hard not to be! The full marathon and 30km courses start deep in Shotover country while... Read Post

      • 01 May 2018
    • The History of Swanndri

      The History of Swanndri

      Swanndri was founded in 1913 by William Broome who produced a wool ‘bush shirt.’ Although Broome was a tailor, he noticed that farmers and forestry workers of the time were not equipped for the tough conditions of Taranaki winters, and that’s what inspired him to create the first Swanndri... Read Post

      • 12 Apr 2018
    • Down vs. Synthetic Sleeping Bags

      Down vs. Synthetic Sleeping Bags

      When choosing a sleeping bag, you’ve got several variables to consider, including the temperature you’ll camp in and price, compressibility, and weight of the bag. The performance of the bag is largely driven by the insulating material, with other fabrics and design elements playing an... Read Post

      • 04 Apr 2018
    • Adventures in the Top of the South

      Adventures in the Top of the South

      Three weeks ago I packed up the car in Dunedin and headed off on route to Rotorua where I have just started my first real job! I was excited to see the new road past Kaikoura and do a few adventures on the way. This was my first time doing this stuff by myself and […] Read Post

      • 08 Mar 2018
    • Away in Awakino

      Away in Awakino

      Sara: “just googled images of the St Mary’s range….check this out…decision made…I am DEFINITELY going…you in??” Me: “Yes! I’m in!” Sara: “Well that was hard ;-)” And with that brief conversation, we were signing up to mountain bike up the... Read Post

      • 11 Jan 2018
    • GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottles

      GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottles

      GRAYL hooked us up with a couple of their GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Bottles to test out for ourselves, which we were super stoked about. But instead, we thought we’d pass them on to a couple of our hardcore Torpedo7 sponsored multi-sport athletes to really put them to the test! The GRAYL... Read Post

      • 01 Sep 2017