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  5. New Gear: CamelBak Crux Reservoir

   CamelBak set out to improve their already effective reservoir to cement themselves as the major innovator in the hydration game. The New Crux reservoir came together from compiling research about what customers, pro athletes and staff wanted out of the product. This spurred the creation of the Crux a bladder that delivers more water per slip and other features you’ll read about below.

The Crux has been relentlessly tested by a range of athletes and beaten up by the team at CamelBak and it is ready for action.


How’s it different?  

A new hose sports a larger diameter, and the bite-valve is now angled. These touches, CamelBak claims, equate to less energy spent sucking water and an easier time taking the fluid in.

The wider hose slows the water from heating as fast and provides more volume per sip, CamelBak notes.


The main access (fill-up area) on the Crux has a new cap that screws on in a breeze. Instead of fumbling to find the threads, the updated cap fits a bit more like the lid on a mason jar.

A magnetic locator has been added to the range to assist the valve finding it’s way home.


It’s the little things that matter and that’s exactly what Camelbak have done with a tonne of intricate changes. The valve now has a on/off switch and it angled for easily use.


Another upgrade: The cap hinge has been flipped to the other side. Instead of falling off toward your hand (or back over the mouth of the reservoir) the cap now falls off the other side, away from the handle while filling.

Finally, CamelBak increased the size of the grip area to give you better leverage while refilling the bladder. A quick-link system ensures this is all a fast and easy task, allowing you to quickly disconnect the hose from the reservoir to refill the unit.



Discover your optimum intake of water with the hydration calculator created by Camelbak


In Summary, the Crux Bladder delivers more water per slip, stays cooler for longer, less prone to leakage, Improvements in the cap make the system of refilling faster and it’s easier to clean.

Go check out the range for yourself!


Alex Murray

Alex Murray

Marketing - Torpedo7


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