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Lucas Smith was fed up. Watching his blistered clients being airlifted half way through their once-in-lifetime trip. The use of sticky plasters, blister pads and Vaseline were no match for the extreme conditions, terrain and length of the Milford Track. Lucas Felt compelled to do so something. After two years of covert research and development in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, he left the mountains and poured three years of savings, experience and research into a start-up company called WALK ON.

WALK ON feels like you’re walking a cloud. Anyone who treks, cycles, wears high heels, dances or treads in work boots all day will appreciate the soft and magical feel of sheep on their feet – you could even use it to relieve pack rub or sports bra chaffing. The use of a silky strip of hyperfine merino wool prevents and protects areas of irritation, moving with your blister and not against it. There is no need for adhesives, ointments or velcro, just pop the wool in place and bind with your sock, shoe or strap.



It’s a great feeling when you can compete in a race without having to adjust your shoes to relieve tension or rubbing. If you know your feet and shoes well, you could prevent discomfort before you take on your adventure, strategically packing out stress points and movement. Recovery obviously varies for everyone, but the summer months can be demanding, competing weekend after weekend and it can affect your performance if you are carrying discomfort from your adventure before. Winter also takes a toll on your feet when you’re skiing, snowboarding or tramping in the wet. A good pair of socks definitely helps, but WALK ON inside your sock can create a barrier between your slipper, promoting greater breathability and wicking moisture away to keep you comfortably dry.


Environmentally friendly, the wool is kept in breathable packaging that is fully reusable and recyclable. WALK ON is designed to be used once and then buried either out there in the mountains or at home in the vegetable garden. WALK ON hyperfine merino wool is biodegradable and will fully disappear into the soil within a year, plus it is ethically farmed, ensuring the well-being of the sheep and the sustainability for the farmers.








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