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We all know that having the right gear, can make or break a trip.  Whether you are camping on a beautiful beach, tramping through native bushes or going on an alpine adventure.  Our guide below should help you make the best choices, whatever you’re at…

What’s your adventure?

When picking a sleeping bag, the first thing to consider is the main activity you need it for. Sleeping bags come in different weights, shapes and features that all suit different styles of outdoor activities. So think about what you’ll be doing and find a bag to suit.


Camping sleeping bags are those that you wouldn’t want to carry around for a long. Being designed around comfort, they are bigger in size and well insulated, making them bulkier and heavier. Down or synthetic insulation make them ideal for mild to warm temperatures. These sleeping bags are a perfect fit for a family camping trip.


Torpedo7 Quest Sleeping Bag

Tramping/ Hiking

If you are all about hitting those hiking trails, weight and compressibility should be your main focus when picking the right sleeping bag. Therefore, tramping sleeping bags are designed to minimise weight, while maintaining a high warmth-to-weight ratio. They are narrower in shape, and their insulation fill is usually down.


Torpedo7 Nimbus 700 Down Sleeping Bag

Alpine/ Expedition

If you live and breathe adventure and love to get out there in the mountains it is essential to pick a sleeping bag that provides excellent insulation in cold environments. Sleeping bags for alpine enthusiasts are also designed to be narrow and lightweight making it easy to carry them around for a longer distance.


Marmot Helium 800 Down Sleeping Bag

What about bag shape?

Sleeping bags come in three different shapes: mummy, semi-rectangular and rectangular. If you are confused about which shape is the best fit for your adventure, here’s a break-down.

Mummy shaped bags provide maximum insulation and minimum volume for faster warm up and heat retention. These bags are suitable for those that want a seriously warm sleeping bag.

Semi-Rectangular bags are tapered and provide greater warmth and heat retention. However, they are suitable across a wide range of temperatures.

Rectangular shaped bags allow for maximum comfort and roominess, ideal for summer camping. Two bags with compatible zips will create a double bed or blanket.shape

What about insulation?

Sleeping bags not only come in different shapes but also with different types of insulation, catering to a range of climates and temperatures. Make sure the sleeping bag of your choice fits your favourite outdoor activity.

Synthetic sleeping bags are durable, non-allergenic, are quick to dry and will insulate even if they get wet. However, synthetic bags won’t pack down as small and are not as light as down sleeping bags. They are therefore better suited for family camping adventures.

Goose/ Duck Down sleeping bags are a more durable and compressible alternative to synthetic fill. They are also much lighter and can be packed down smaller, so are a great choice for hiking adventures.

Water-Resistant Down sleeping bags have been treated to protect the feathers from moisture. Normal down sleeping bags will lose their insulation properties when wet, so watch out for water resistance if you know your gear will get wet during your trip.

Eco-Friendly sleeping bags are made with eco-conscious materials, some recycled and processed with old down comforters, down jackets and other items from landfills, which are collected, sterilised and repurposed into sleeping bags.


What else?

Now that you have matched your sleeping bag to your adventure it’s time to think about other features and accessories that will help you get the most out of your time out there. Pop into your nearest Torpedo7 store and have a chat with one of our team, or browse our website to find stash pockets, bag liners, storage sacks, sleeping mats and more gear that will take your trip to the next level.

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