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  5. Spring Camping Hacks 2018

Summer isn’t here just yet, which is great because that means there is still time to test yourself against the elements! But if there is one thing we know it’s that the Kiwi outdoors are unpredictable at the best of times, so here is our guide to spring camping.



Dry your shoes with crumpled clothes

Unexpected rainfall or an unexpected fall into a river can suck the fun out of any trip especially when you realise you will have to sit and wait for your boots to dry. But here’s a simple hack to dry your boots as fast as possible, remove the insoles and laces then stuff a dry shirt or some newspaper in your boots overnight to dry them out.

Make your own lantern

After dark, turn any translucent jug of water into a lantern. Just strap your headlamp to your water bottle with the light facing inward giving it a cool ambient glow…or alternatively, just take a lantern?!

Emergency blanket

Emergency blankets are designed to keep you warm and always good to have in case of, well, an emergency, but because of their silver coating, they’re great for reflecting the sunlight if put on top of your tent in case of an unexpected blast of sunlight. Tents can get pretty warm in the summer, so this could help you get a better night’s sleep. Get yours here.

Waterproof your matches

If your matches get wet then they won’t be very useful to anyone, protect them the elements with an accessory case or plastic wallet.

Swiss army knife

The classic multi-tool that no self-respecting camping is ever without, it’s great value for money and lightweight so you can carry it with you everywhere and is handy in a lot of different situations. Check out the multi-tools and knives here.


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