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Spring time means you can finally begin to venture outside of the house and interact with other humans. Aside from its role in offering you an acceptable public appearance, clothing helps you adapt to the effects of climate, whether hot or cold. Camping is an epic adventure and taking the appropriate camping clothes and equipment along is important.

Check out our top 10 camping clothing essentials checklist for a hassle-free camping trip…

  1. Cargo shorts with a windbreaker

Either worn together or separately, they have got you covered in the case of wind chill and light rain. Plus you can also wear them while hiking.

  1. Swimsuit

Camping near water? Then you’ll have to take along your favorite swimsuit; it only takes up a little space in your bag.

  1. T-shirts

T-shirts, especially quick-drying ones, are the perfect match for any camping trip in warm weather. If it gets cold, you can easily layer other clothes on top and combine them with a variety of pants.

  1. Hiking or Ankle boots

If you need protection from dirt paths, then these boots are the perfect match. You will want your feet to be dry and comfortable. Check out our guide for choosing the right hiking boots here!

  1. Exercise

If you need your daily dose of endorphins, then a long walk or hike is inevitable. However, you will always need to be fully fuelled. Make sure you take something with you that keeps you energetic and hydrated.

  1. Sunglasses

If you’ve been exposed to the New Zealand sun before you’ll know how important it is to protect yourself while still enjoying the weather.

  1. Tank tops and socks

Pack some cotton tanks if it’s likely going to be hot and cozy socks to prevent you from being bitten by mosquitoes, especially if you will be camping by the waterside.

  1. Headwear

Get some extra protection from the sun with some cool headwear. Go with a bright-color, you don’t have to look dull while camping.

  1. Long sleeves

A waterproof pullover or a warm jacket will prevent you from any incidental rain shower. Plus, the weather tends to be cool at night, even while sitting around the fire.

  1. Backpack

The piece that holds the whole thing together. You will obviously need one to pack all your clothing into it but can also be used for day excursions as well as looking after your valuables.

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Author – Passionate Camper Rilind Elezaj


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