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If there’s one thing Kiwis love about the summer it’s getting down to the beach and enjoying the water and spending summers swimming in the sea is part of any great childhood. However, this isn’t without it’s risks and without any safety awareness around the water kids can easily get themselves in trouble.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe in the water…


Keep an adult close by

The vast majority of water incidents happen when kids are left alone and unsupervised, it’s good for them to play and explore but always keep a watch over them whenever in the water.

Safe at the beach

New Zealand waters can be tricky for even the grown ups so once at the beach make sure you are familiar with the swimming area and remind the kids where the swimming zone is and where they shouldn’t swim past. It’s always a good idea to note where the red and yellow flags are to make sure you know where the safest place on the beach is. Goggles and swim accessories can be found here.

Safe on the boat

Kids should wear life jackets at all times when on a boat, at the wharf or near any body of water. The life jacket must be the right size, tight fitting and worn correctly. Accompanying adults should wear life jackets, not only for their own protection but to set a good example. Check out our life jackets here.

Water parks

Water parks are a lot of fun for the kids (and adults) and the summer can be endless hours up and down water slides. But make sure your kids follow all rules and directions, such as walking instead of running and always going down the water slide in the right position — feet first and face up. A life jacket is always a good idea too – even for the dog!

Have fun and remember the sunscreen!

Learning to swim and explore the outside is an awesome way of spending the summer, being active and getting outside is so much better than sat inside behind a screen. But don’t forget the sunscreen to make sure none gets burnt. Kids sun block available here.


Whether you're wanting to choose the right gear or find out about the best spots, we've got experts who can help.

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