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Bring adventure home with these movies, podcasts and books

Adventure and the outdoors are a natural pair, but many things can stop us getting out there. Global pandemics are one of them, but another is Winter days of wind and rain. The good news is we can use indoor time to focus on adventure with good reads and things to watch that inspire us and help us plan. Here are some to add to your list:

Browse these books

Small Feet, Big Land

This is no average family story - author and trekker Erin McKittrick and her family of four's two-month Alaskan traverse is full of adventurous highlights. With a toddler and newborn along on the journey, she and her husband encounter grizzly bears, visit remote villages and keenly observe of effect of climate change on the landscape. This is a worthwhile escape from your family routine!

Photo credit: Anchorage Daily News.

Stories Behind The Images: Lessons From A Life In Adventure Photography

Adventure photographers are the most committed to their craft, and Corey Rich's passion for getting incredible shots shines through in this behind the scenes look at 56 of his best. He shares memorable stories from his time working with some of the biggest names in adventure, and many of his biggest lessons about what it takes to get world class images. You'll never look at photography the same way again.

Following Atticus: Forty-eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship

The death of a close friend spurred author Tom Ryan to join man's best friend - his mini schnauzer Atticus Finch - and climb 48 peaks in one US state in one Winter. The journey was a tribute to his friend and a fundraiser, but more importantly showed the strength of the bond between Ryan and Atticus, and the strength of the human spirit.

Photo credit: Youtube

No Shortcuts To The Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks

It's with good reason that Ed Viestlurs is one the mountain climbing's biggest names - he was the first American to summit the world's 8000-metre peaks. This account vividly describes the life and death decisions he and fellow climbers are forced to make on the ascent of peaks this tall, and shines a light on the bond between climbers in this tight knit community.

Ones to watch


Tracks brings to life the memoir of Australian Robyn Davidson, who trekked 1,700 miles across the desert with only her dog and four camels for company. Her 157-day journey, which she started after leaving her city life, will inspire any traveller considering a solo expedition that could stretch what they consider possible, and what it's possible to leave behind.

Photo credit: The Telegraph.

The Dawn Wall

Only the most hardened climbers attempt the Dawn Wall, the notorious 3,000 foot face in California's Yosemite National Park. The film documents the epic adventure undertaken by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen, remarkable not only because of the sheer scale of the climbing route, but also because of the personable obstacles overcome along the way.

Red Bull Content Pool.
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Red Bull Content Pool.

Free Solo

Yosemite is a fertile ground for adventure, and was home to another an inspiring climb turned into a film. Alex Honnold did just what the title says to make it to the top of El Capitan - free solo (leaving ropes and safety gear behind). Not for the faint hearted, this is a good one to watch from your living room rather than trying it for yourself!


This documentary is an inspirational tale of second chances - climbers Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk took on India's Shark's Fin in 2008 - a 21,000 foot climb that had never been conquered. Everything went wrong and they had to turn back just short of completion. But they returned to their unfinished business three years later in a remarkable feat in the face of huge personal cost. Adventure documentaries are reknowned for their cinematography, and this film is no exception, making you feel like you're up in the dizzying heights.

Chart a course for these podcasts

Of Mountains and Minds

In each episode, Caroline McKay carefully selects interviewees based on important subjects they've had experience in, but may be taboo. Grief sparked her desire to live an adventurous life, and with this podcast she set out to address the connection between athletes and the mental health issues they face.

Image credit: Much better adventures.

Looking Sideways

Journalist Matt Barr is well qualified to dig out the most interesting people and stories in the world of adventure sports, and this podcast is proof that everyone from the big industry names to ones we've never heard of has a story worth telling. Be prepared to have your interest captured with every episode and every guest.

She Explores

Here's a podcast for ladies with an adventurous spirit, provided by prolific podcaster, photographer and writer Gale Straub.

Image credit: Jenny Bruso and Unlikely Hikers

There are now more than 100 episodes of the podcast, covering themes like thru hiking, motherhood, mental health, conservation, careers in the outdoors industry, and much more.

Outside In

This podcast isn't just for adventurous types, it's also for anyone with an interest in nature and the environment. It has regular features including a segment for listeners to ask host Sam Evans-Brown anything, and in-depth series on topics like native peoples and clean energy. A great way to broaden your knowledge in less than 45 minutes each time!

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