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Kayaking is not only an effective low impact workout, it's a great way to get a different perspective on NZ's incredible landscapes.

Sitting at water level and taking it all in while on route, you're sure to be in awe. Whether you want to get out exploring NZ's picturesque lakes, meandering rivers or otherwise unreachable coastline - kayaking is a great way to get there.

Torpedo7 stock a wide range of kayaks that can get you out paddling solo or tandem, there's something for the whole family, young ones included. With tandem kayaks you only do half the work and you can chat while you paddle too!

Kids will love having their own boat to paddle. Make sure to start them off in sheltered areas of shallow water wearing a lifejacket at all times. Inflatable kayaks are a great option as they pack down and can fit in the car boot easily, these also come in tandem and solo options.

Watch our quick guide on kayaks below.

Once you've got your basic equipment (don't forget to pack your paddle) it's imperative you are wearing lifejackets, or other recommended water safety devices. Dependant on what type of kayaking you're doing - you'll likely want some appropriate water apparel to wear, as you may find yourself getting a little bit wet on the odd occasion.

A waterproof phone case are a great addition, drybags for your gear are also handy. Roof racks and trailers will help you transport and store your kayak too.

Always remember to be sunsmart, take water on your trip and be sure to check the weather report before heading out, let someone know where you're going and when you plan to be back. Always paddle within your limits for the conditions.

Happy paddling!

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