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Vuly Thunder Summer Trampoline - 12ft


Vuly Thunder Summer Trampoline - 12ft

3 Reviews

Product Details

Let imaginations run wild, with the only printed jump mat.
Thunder refines Vuly's distinctive design DNA to deliver an exciting and truly affordable Leaf Spring trampoline in a lighter package.
At Vuly, they are often asked what exactly makes a trampoline heavy duty. Well, not all trampolines are created equal. Some are designed with sturdier frames, to hold higher weights and to endure rough weather; others are not.
Trampolines that last longer no matter what the conditions and that can take whatever families throw at them – we believe – earn the title ‘heavy duty’. However, unlike what the word ‘heavy duty’ normally implies, these must-have qualities don’t make those trampolines eyesores, at least not with Vuly!

Real-world UV testing - Have confidence in your net; our 'wet tests' reflect real New Zealand weather.
Safe for fingers and toes - Prevent tearing and protect little digits, with superfine mesh.
Secure door opening. - Climb through a more flexible opening that seals shut while you bounce.

No frame access - Attach the safety net directly to the mat, and bounce right to the edge.
Gentle-edge Compact Leaf Springs - Experience lighter Leaf Springs that are pre-curved and rivet-less for a more robust, higher bounce. Pre-curved, with no welds or rivets for even easier installation!
Truly vertical bouncing - Bounce without the twist of coils and rods, which can strain your knees.

Easy to install - Assemble the 8-10 distinct parts using only clever push-buttons.
Galvanised frame - Put to use a double-galvanised and heat-treated frame that’ll last outdoors.
150 kg Weight Rating - Invite anyone to bounce. No spring less trampoline has an equal weight capacity.

Specifications – Large
  • Trampoline weight: 115.4kg
  • Max user weight: 150kg
  • Leaf spring count: 56

User Reviews

3 Reviews
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  • Great trampoline. Super strong. Only issue is hard to get in and out of (access is by sliding between panels that overlap - safe but if need to get kids out in a hurry or at all and they dont want to then its a mission for less than very physically able adults to get in). Tramp weighs over 200kg! If you are putting this on a lawn you will have to let the grass die underneath or try to get the wheels from Vuly Australia. As of Dec 2018 this totals $498 inc GST, freight and other import fees! No mention in sales material. Only the weight which i admit i missed in the buying process.
    Struan Mockford 2018-12-06 16:18:20.0
  • Love it!
    Around 4 months after setting it up, our family is in love with this tramp. It takes my big ~120kg frame throwing whatever I can at it, the nets catch my son (~20kg) absolutely no trouble. He can't wait to get outside to play on it which is great, it gets him away from the tv inside.

    The tramp + nets have also stood up really well in an exposed spot while getting hammered by some very gusty Wellington winds. It took me about 4 hours to set up on my own, and I didn't use the leaf spring tool (because I didn't realise what it was for at the time!). The warranty, and half price replacement parts offer is a really good perk. I would say that you should make sure you have it set up in the right spot, because it is a very, very heavy unit, and tough to move once it's in place. I've also found the nets hard to take off once they're set - have tried to take them down on particularly windy days and haven't been successful, but they've stood up ok regardless. Otherwise though, we love this tramp and recommend it to all of our friends.
    Kieran Prisk 2018-12-05 18:10:08.0
  • Fantastic tramp
    This is a great tramp for the whole family we all love it even the adults very sturdy and completely safe we love it took about two hours to put up you need to be quite strong as a bit of a mission to get to leaf springs connected to mat
    Raewyn Dombroski 2018-10-20 13:55:46.0

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