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Earshots Wireless Earphones Gen2


Product Details

The best wireless earphones for sport
  • Patented EarWrap™ System: Never worry about Earshots falling out or needing adjustment.
  • Fits with all of your helmets, caps and glasses.
  • Zero ear canal pressure.: Leave your ear canal free to breathe. Unlike traditional earbuds with tips, Earshots won't create the uncomfortable pressure in your ear canal.
  • Layers of cushioning: Earshots will cushion your ears with a 3 layered cushioning system developed over 5 years of research and development.
  • Premium high resolution audio: Custom engineered acoustics that deliver your music exactly as the artists intended it. Support for 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio.
  • Ambient noise balancing: You will enjoy the safety and awareness with Earshots ambient noise balancing. Our purposely designed non-occluding earbud doesn't block out important audio cues.
  • 14.2mm Titanium speaker: A 14.2mm titanium coated speaker delivers the best bass ever heard from a non-occluded earphone design.
  • Crystal clear conversations: Absolute speech clarity. Emphasis toward mid and high frequency that improves the clarity of subtle verbal cues.
  • 10 hours of playback per charge: 130mAh battery and the state of the art Qualcomm 5141 processor delivers 10 hours of playback on a single charge.
  • Full Charge in 40min: Your Earshots will recharge in record time with just 15 minutes of charge to get 3 hours of playback.
  • Battery level Sensor: You'll always know when the case needs recharge. A single touch button illuminates charge lights showing 30%, 60% or 100% charge level.
  • 150 hour charge case: 1500mAh battery provides enough power to recharge your Earshots from 0-100% 10 times.
  • High performance microphone: Earshots high performance microphone is acoustically tuned to hear you and supported by AI powered voice enhancement.
  • Tap and talk: Your calls are easy to answer, hang up or ignore with Earshots simple tap and talk button.
  • AI Powered voice enhancement: Your voice is enhanced so you know you are always heard. Powered by a revolutionary processor designed to filter everything but the voice.
  • Optimized for voice audio: Acoustic tuning means the voice frequency range of 300hz to 3khz is clear.
  • Choose between both earphones or just one: Capable of dual surround sound mode or a solo ear means you have full control of your audio experience, ensuring a safe listening environment.
  • Earshots for playing hard, and working hard: Built-in microphone and AI powered voice enhancement means you can play hard and work hard.
  • Surround sound listening: A full, immersive sound experience that delivers a superb audio experience through both ears.
  • Solo mode: A safe mode is enabled by using just the left or right Earshot by itself to leave the other ear open to hear what’s going on around you
Item No: 0EI001680
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User Reviews

2 Reviews
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  • Actually stay in while running!
    None of the true "in ear" earbuds stay in place in my ears while running, whereas these literally can't budge due to the magnets. The sound quality is fantastic too considering they're not in-ear, with surprisingly good bass (to the point where I actually need to turn it down a bit using Spotify's EQ while listening to less bass-focussed music).

    I have pretty average sized ears and they fit my ears well. I think they would fit larger ears quite comfortably too, but people with smaller ears might be out of luck with these unfortunately.
    James Stewart 3 Sep 2023 Recommends this product
  • Great Sound, but not for Everyone.
    My wife bought these for herself to use at the gym but she found that they wouldnt fit properly because her ears were too small-it could have been that. She was not adjusting them correctly, but regardless, she couldn't get on with them, and so she gave them to me.. I think the sound quality is extremely good, but I'm used to having earbuds as opposed to something like this that rests on the top of the air canal, so the depth of the bass etc is much deeper using earbuds than these-that said there is definitely no shortage of Bass or sound quality with them when I get them to fit perfectly on my ear. They are almost as good as having my earbuds in, which is why I've only given them four out of 5-not so much because the product is no good, but because I'm not used to this style of earphone. Overtime I would probably change my rating to a five star rating but as things are right now, I give them the following ratings

    Sound quality-5/5
    Build quality/ease of adjustment-5/5
    Fit and finish-5/5 (take a bit of setting up, but once you get them set up definitely 5/5)

    Overall 4/5
    John Townsend 10 Aug 2023 Recommends this product

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