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Force USA G3 All in One Trainer

Single Stations

Product Details

The Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer is a comprehensive training solution. And with even further expansion potential, it’s the gym that grows with you
Strength, Power, Bodybuilding, Muscular Endurance, Glycolytic Efficiency, Concentric or Eccentric (Negative) training, Compound or Isolation, Plyometric, Slow Twitch or Fast Twitch Fibers training. All possible on the G3
  • Perform over 75+ different exercises.Height positions to perform Shoulder, Arms, Chest Back, Core and Legs exercises. Fluid cable movement. Includes cable attachments. A functional trainer / cable crossover packed with additional features
  • Comfortable and safe lock and release of the bar. Guide rails provide ultra smooth movement. Safety catches so you can max out your training load without needing a spotter. Weight Rating: 350kg
  • High end quality J-Hooks and Safeties designed to handle heavy loads whilst also protecting your barbell. Westside hole spacing for ideal positions when performing bench press, squats and overhead presses. Weight Rating: 450kg
  • Ergonomic multi-grip chin up / pull up station. Perform wide-grip, close-grip and ergonomic pull-up variations. This bar can easily be replaced with the G3-CHIN01 option which includes 32mm and 50mm bars for grip training. Weight Rating: 450kg
  • Keep your training space tidy. The G3 includes built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates and cable attachments
  • Expand your Function Trainer exercise range with the fully adjustable stabilizer bar and pad (F-STABILITYB). Ideal for isolated exercises. Also compatible with F-FTS-BASE & LFATFTS
  • The F-G3-LEGPRESS option converts the G3 Smith Machine component into a vertical leg press
  • 1300mm (L) x 1930mm (W) x 2200mm (H) 
  • 2:1 Cable Ratio
  • Cambered Bar 
  • Single Handle (Nylon) (Pair) 
  • Triceps Rope Short Bar 
  • Straight Bar (long) 
  • Close Grip Row Handle 
  • 6x Plate Holders 
  • 12x Spring Collars (50mm) 
  • 10x Spring Collars (25mm) 
  • Core Trainer (Rotating Holder) 
  • Barbell Holder 
  • Multi-grip Chin Bar 
  • J-Hook (Short) (Pair) 
  • J-Hook /Safety (long)(pair) 
  • Barbell Row Handle 
  • Band Pegs 
  • Ankle Strap 
  • Attachment Storage 
  • 15-link Chain
Note: *Optional extras may be shown in the video and images*

Item No: 0KI001722
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User Reviews

2 Reviews
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  • Love it
    This machine is capable of so much. Strength and functional training combined. I have a half rack in addition to this so we put the G3 spotter arms and J-hooks away. Purchased the leg press kit too - I was skeptical at first but I would compare it to a dedicated 45 degree leg press except you don't need to load it up as much because it's a vertical plane. Ample internal room for the smith machine (incline bench, seated military press). You could look at the plate loaded horns as a disadvantage compared to the G6 pin loaded stack - the only time I find it's a hassle is when you've stacked it with 20kg plates and want to swap over to light functional work. I bought a heap of 2.5kg plates to get the increments right for the functional stuff. The upside is you can load the horns beyond your limit on just one station for lat pull downs or seated rows. Really enjoying the landmine attachment as well. Expect to pay RRP $1500 in weight plates if you don't have any. Even with that in mind, I would choose this over the G6 because of the greater internal width and greater potential of plate loading.
    Rosman Abdullah 14 Apr 2021
  • Very easy to set up (4hrs solo), it is very solid, and overall a well built gym. So far everything is operating smoothly and working perfectly. Only down side is the 2-1 pulley ratio but there are ways to work around that. The Standard and Olympic options made it easy to work with the iron I have.
    David Gundersen 21 Jan 2021

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