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Nuetech TUbliss - Tyre Kit

Nuetech TUbliss

Nuetech TUbliss - Tyre Kit

25 Reviews

Product Details

Avoid getting the frustrating pinch flat by installing Nuetech TUbliss kits and elimate the need for a stock tube and rim lock.  It provides a 100psi protection bumper at the rim and also doubles as a full circumference rim-lock which stabilizes the tyres sidewalls and allows you to run at low speeds with a flat.

Even if you get a puncture, the bead stays seated to the rim so it can easily be repaired in seconds using standard tyre plugs - without removing the wheel!

Please note this does not install like a standard inner tube please watch the video for correct installation.  

  • Generation 2 with Red outter and Orange liner. 
  • Available in 18", 19" and 21" wheel sizes
  • Pounds lighter then pinch prone HD tubes
  • Provides Low PSI performance- Improves traction
  • Provides High PSI protection- Protection at the rim
  • Less friction results in lower tyre tempratures
  • Weight savings of up to 3 pounds
  • 18" TUbliss system fits 18" x 1.85 - 2.15" Rims
  • 19" TUbliss system fits 19" x 1.85 - 2.15" Rims
  • 21" TUbliss system fits 21" x 1.6" Rims
  • Rim tape 
  • Guide plate
  • Red liner
  • Black bladder
  • Stickers
  • Installation poster
  • Rim plug

Improved Traction The system secures the bead so securely that it allows a low tyre pressure for improved straight line traction without the risk of a pinch flat or tyre bead slippage, traction is improved which is especially important for Baja and Enduro riders.  

Virtually Flat Proof With TUbliss your sealant works directly on the tire where it matters. Plus, the design of TUbliss helps keep the tire seated on the bead and the sidewalls more stable, virtually making "flat wobbles" a thing of the past. Riders have reported riding longer and harder, completely unaware that they had a tire puncture.

Rim Protection TUbliss protects the rim from dings and dents by holding the tyre firmly and making the sidewalls stay upright and absorb the full impact, unlike bending and deflection of conventional tubes.

User Reviews

25 Reviews
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  • Awesome for traction
    Amazing set up, tyre life extended, ultimate traction generated by running low pressure, like 4psi...braaap!
    KEN MCKENZIE 2018-11-12 11:16:27.0
  • This was a lot easier to fit than i thought it would be.
    This was a lot easier to fit than i thought it would be, feels stable out in the bush, I have not had any problems with it, no flats as yet.
    Stephen Peters 2018-07-18 06:16:35.0
  • Tubliss kit
    Great product works awesome, but a little piss off it went on sale the next week after buying it for $30 cheaper
    Andrew Mcmeeken 2018-03-09 11:48:32.0
  • awesome
    only ridden once but it was a notable difference in a good way , much smoother ride and uphills are much easier with the traction meaning there's no need to attack them at speed, I ran them at my normal 12 13 psi then later on 6psi , the latter was very surprising.
    ken finn 2017-11-13 15:58:14.0
  • Well worth it
    Well worth the small hassle of fitting for the extra traction
    Malcolm Anderson 2017-10-31 20:21:16.0
  • Must have
    This is a must have for any hard enduro riders where traction in paramount. Gives far greater control than a moose. Best technology advance in ages.
    Claude Sabatier 2017-08-29 12:53:17.0
  • Faultless
    I received a 21' & 18" set of TUbliss tyre kits a few weeks ago, fitting was easy enough and it was my first time doing any tyre change on my bike.
    After reading the instructions and watching the online video's I attempted the back wheel. It was all done in 20 min. The front was a little harder as there is less room inside the rim but after another 15 min it was all completed. The front rim tape supplied could have been a little longer.
    Craig Robinson 2017-07-17 11:34:55.0
  • Love it
    Great product! Follow the instructions and you can't go wrong, I used slime instead of soapy water, just paint the tubliss bit and then the tyre bead , slime acts as a lube and a sealer,fit tyre-inflate and your good to go!
    mark behan 2017-07-10 16:25:04.0
  • Impressed after first ride
    Bought 3 full sets of 21" & 18" & another 18" for me and 3 mates.
    We went riding in the Watagans last Sunday. We used tyres pressures ranging from 6psi to 12psi.
    Conditions were hard dry rock, wet slippery rock, loose rocks, sadly loam, deep mud, creek crossings, hard packed forest dirt fire trails.
    Bikes were KTM 300, KTM 350 & KTM 500 with rider experience from medium to high.
    All riders were impressed with the traction and ride comfort.
    We checked the tyres pressure after the ride and they had not changed.

    Installation was reasonably easy. You must have a pump that can exceed 100psi.
    We found a CO2 cartidge works well as it will put about 115 psi into the high pressure tube.
    Ian Jones 2017-04-10 08:46:46.0
  • Tubliss
    easy to install the kit, easy to fit tyres and works @ <10psi
    great traction once installed, very happy
    Anthony Parisotto 2017-01-16 12:52:52.0
  • This purchase was for my second bike. Made such a difference to getting traction on my KTM 500.
    Have only changed to running Tubliss on my bikes about 6 mths ago. Won't be going back to tubes. Bike gets so much more traction.....even in mud. Have not had a puncture yet...but I guess I might pick up the odd one when running as low as 2 psi.
    Torpedo 7 run excellent specials on this product periodically too.
    Peter Marshall 2017-01-03 14:00:43.0
  • Awesome product
    Great upgrade to your bike definitely pays itself off very fast.
    Tommy Death 2016-12-28 09:43:58.0
  • Greatest investment every
    I had been procrastinating for some time about purchasing the Tubliss setup, i wish i had of got them years ago. The ability to lower the pressure right down to a few psi without risking a flat is fantastic. The added grip that the low psi gives you is great, so to is the smoother feel over rough terrain.
    Matt Gunst 2016-11-11 17:26:16.0
  • Laugh at your mates struggling
    If you need traction, look no further than Tubliss. It is by far one of the most helpful items if you need to get up and over extreme objects and inclines. Not too hard to install if you're accustomed to changing tyres yourself. It is actually A LOT lighter than an ultra heavy duty tube too!
    Karl Krause 2016-11-07 16:25:28.0
  • Excellent
    Best thing ever would never go back to tubes
    israel williams 2016-11-01 13:16:03.0
  • Seems to work well
    Have only done 2rides so far one in mud foot deep all day and worked great as could use low tyre pressure .
    And other time so far in sand and rocks in central and working great !
    Definitely follow instructions to fit , and if doing both tyres recommend starting on rear as a small bit easier !
    Antony Junghenn 2016-10-30 20:17:41.0
  • Tyre kit
    Gr8 good quality fast delivery
    Darrell Keeling 2016-10-23 14:29:52.0
  • WOW Amazing
    Installed mine and took it out last weekend, I agree definitely an unfair advantage lol..... This product is awesome, rode through both muddy rutty stuff and high speed metal roads at 4psi and got unimaginable grip everywhere , recommend highly
    Stanley Roczniak 2016-10-18 18:43:23.0
  • very happy wih the tubeless system
    Great product at a even better price
    luke wilson 2016-07-31 18:17:50.0
  • Are they any good? YES!
    Have had 2 pretty hard rides now on the system and so far they have been awesome! Way lighter than Ultra heavy duty tubes, way more grip when running low pressure and I recon my tyres will even last longer. Very easy to install. Make sure you have a compressor that goes up to 110psi though. I've been running 6psi in the front and 4.5 in the back and havnt hit the rim once since putting them on.
    Marto666 2016-05-12 22:17:13.0
  • the unfair advantage
    Theses are the Gen 2 system. the inside of the outer red liner is orange and not black which seems to be the best way to tell the difference however I understand its difficult to find the GEN 1 anyway.

    There are no disadvantages compared to tubes.... think of it as drum brakes and disk brakes, both work but one is better - same here.

    Easy to fit (great instructions) and mount new tyres, improved traction and therefore extending the life of the tire and the trail.

    You will never go back, might be cheapest option in the long run if they last a few years. Note I'm on my first set of tyres with this system.
    JohhnyEuro 2016-04-09 21:59:40.0
  • Best thing since sliced bread!
    Have been using these for over a year now and will never go back to standard tubes! 4 psi in the rear on a new tyre in the mud at riverhead forrest and it hooks up everywhere,you can use your tyres until the knobs start to fall off.
    Little bit pricey and tircky to fit the first time but once you get the hang of it then its easy.
    exc300 2016-03-29 03:49:58.0
  • I have a 21, 18 and 19 kits!
    I really rate these, a must have for an trail bike, 4psi in the rear on wet rides is outstanding! Though on my MX 19" rear, I have had a pinch flat, and with these kits, it's a much longer job to change that track side.
    Deanzo 2016-02-18 14:03:41.0
  • fantastic idea
    This is an expensive product but money very well spent. There is nothing that can give you the same levels of traction that this does. It's simply the best money I've spent in years.
    flashg 2015-09-02 03:49:31.0
  • Great product.
    Great product . just make sure you follow the instructions for installation to prevent any dramas . I have been running 4 psi in the rear tyre and six psi in the front tire . I have gained a lot more traction in the bush as I now have a bigger tyre footprint. Torpedo7 was $30 each cheaper than anywhere else I can find in Australia.
    Squize 2015-08-27 05:04:35.0

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