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GP 4000S Folding Road Tyre - 700 x 23c

CONTINENTAL GP 4000S Folding Road Tyre - 700 x 23c


Club Price$63.99

Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by 37reviewer.

A fast rolling clincher road tyre with excellent puncture protection properties at a great price - there's little wonder why the Continental GP 4000S is our Most Popular Road Tyre.

Sharing the same construction as the GP4000 but with a new BlackChili special compound, the 'S' stands for Sport, Special, and Schwarz - the german term for black.

The all black Grand Prix 4000 S catches the eye with its big silver labels. It matches every high-end race bike perfectly and can do more than just look good.

With the new Black Chili Compound rolling resistance is reduced by 26%, grip is increased by 30% and mileage is increased by 5%.


  • New Black Chili compound
  • Black Chili gives a lower rolling resistance and higher grip
  • An ideal secret weapon for the season's main objective
  • Vectran anti-puncture technology, tougher than aramid
  • Striking silver sidewall logo
  • Made in Germany

The new compound: The carbon filler particles within the rubber compound are reduced to 1/10th of the size of standard carbon particles. This creates a closer knit with the particles having more points of contact with each other, thus forming a tighter bond, (increasing mileage performance) and also with the road (increasing grip). Also the way in which the particles interact with each other has a dramatic effect on reducing rolling resistance. Black Chili has been used by several ProTour teams since 2007.

Vectran anti puncture protection: The all new Vectran breaker belt, developed and patented by Continental, surpasses even the famous puncture resistance of the former leader in this category, the GP3000. The extremely strong Vectran fabrics are more flexible and lighter than all other puncture protection materials. Vectran offers more resistance to cuts than Aramid, is five times as strong as steel and features less weight than a nylon double breaker. It also maintains strength in the wet.


  • Size: 700 x 23c
  • TPI: 330
  • Ply: 3
  • Bead: Folding
  • Rim type: Clincher
  • Weight: 205g
  • Rec. Inflation Pressure: 110 psi
  • Max. Inflation Pressure: 120 psi

Please note - these tyres have wear indicators in the tread which resemble two indents in the rubber. These are meant to be there. When they disappear it’s time to consider replacing your tyres - Simple really.

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5 out of 5
I won't consider anything else for durability and quality
2014-05-05 04:59:36.0

These rock. Have had probably 10 or more of these over several years. Last for ages and I can't remember ever having a puncture with one.

5 out of 5
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Fast rolling, good grip, reasonably durable.
2014-04-29 20:28:11.0

This is a good value tyre for either events or training. Grippy, lightweight and reasonably durable / puncture resistant.

5 out of 5
Hobart TAS, Australia
The only road tyre I ride.
2014-04-03 04:40:57.0

What is there to be said. Durable, comfortable and fast. These are replacing the Zipp Tangentes I have on my race wheels when they wear out.

Ignore the reviews that criticize the two dimples in the tread pattern, they are wear indicators, once you can't see them, get another set of this most excellent set of rubber/

5 out of 5
Christchurch, New Zealand
Excellent Value
2014-02-03 02:44:44.0

Great tyre, I have had two sets now and not one puncture. Roll great.

5 out of 5
Auckland, New Zealand
Best of all worlds
2013-12-27 20:47:53.0

The only problem I've ever had with these tyres was after I had to ride through a patch of large stones, one of which must have made a little tear in the side-wall fabric (heard a very loud PING at the time). A few days later the tube popped out through there. End of the tyre? No way! Glued a piece of plastic bottle on the inside covering the hole and it's (almost) good-as-new!
This tyre's combo of grip in the wet/puncture resistance/low rolling resistance and long wear is unequalled in my experience commuting 200+km per week.

5 out of 5
Griffith NSW 2680, Australia
Great tyre & good value for money
2013-12-23 18:20:10.0

These tyres were recommended to me by my cycling guru. I am not disappointed!
As usual prompt postage by Tordepo 7 - thank you

5 out of 5
Great Roller
2013-12-09 16:42:15.0

Less rolling resistance than my previous Contis. No punctures or cuts so far

5 out of 5
Great value for money.
2013-11-30 18:57:46.0

I have used these tyres before and find them to be great value for money. I have them on both my racing and training bikes and find them smooth and quiet. (and fast?)

5 out of 5
Napier, New Zealand
Brilliant Tyres
2013-11-20 13:19:32.0

These tyres are fantastic, makes riding so much easier, they just seem to glide over the road.

4 out of 5
Cairns QLD, Australia
Good product with a soft compound
2013-11-18 21:08:40.0

The tyres are a soft compound compared to what I had previously used and came highly recommended. Happy with the overall perfomrance and would purchase them again

5 out of 5
Great tyre
2013-11-17 20:42:24.0

Good all round lighter tyre offering good balance between puncture resistance, weight and rolling speed. Highly recommended.

5 out of 5
Manawatu District, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Great tires, good price
2013-08-19 15:50:04.0

These tires, for the value, wear and perform well compared to others. Seem to be good in the wet weather which is god for us in the winter.

5 out of 5
Tauranga, New Zealand
Tough and fast
2013-07-25 04:18:31.0

Good mix between tough and fast. Great puncture resistance without being a heavy brute of a thing! Good value.

5 out of 5
ChCh , NZ
Best tyres for rough roads
2013-07-04 15:14:59.0

I use these tyres for training all year ,ride 4-5 times a week on ChCh rough roads and they are durable,normally get 6-9months easy and well priced.
T7 service also second to none

4 out of 5
Sunshine Coast
Great value
2013-07-03 09:17:03.0

Have used these tyres for a while and found them great value for money at this discounted price. Great handling and long wearing.

5 out of 5
Waiuku, New Zealand
Gives a great ride with good milage and speed
2013-06-23 21:41:10.0

Price is good money for value I think.Tyres are nice to ride on and give good mileage and are proving to be fairly puncture resistant. The ride and grip is good for the roads I ride on which are rough country seal.
These tires have proven to be my preferred choice of tyre and purchase when on special. and keep in storage until needed.

4 out of 5
Good tyres for all conditions.
2013-06-21 18:06:26.0

Like this tyre, long lasting good grip of road. Easy to put on bike.

4 out of 5
Christchurch, New Zealand
Great Tyre
2013-03-27 02:33:26.0

Great Tyre - feels very sound on the road, wears well and appears to cope with Christchurch roads pretty well! Good to see them on sale occasionally.

5 out of 5
Blackmans Bay
Best tyres out there
2013-03-20 02:11:10.0

Excellent, perfect for all weather, great ride.
Great grip.

5 out of 5
Whangarei, New Zealand
Super puncture resistance and excellent road-holding abilities
2013-03-19 18:27:49.0

Done 3000km on my first set of these - no punctures, good handling on some pretty slippery, windy hills. Still some 1000's km left on the back tyre.

5 out of 5
great all rounder
2013-03-19 14:24:18.0

These are great allround tyres. Good grip, great rolling and a good deal of puncture resistance.
This is the second pair I buy from T7 at a great price.
The best features of the GP4000 is the ease of handle when you need to change a tube and the great durability.
if there's a con to these, it's that when damage occurs (which eventually will happen) they're gonners, go back home and get a new one otherwise you'll end up with the same problem the next ride.

4 out of 5
Adelaide SA, Australia
Excellent all round tyre - good grip and puncture resistant
2013-03-19 01:31:25.0

I have been running these tyres for a few seasons now, and am happy to use them as my standard tyre. They wear well, seem puncture resistant (only 1 puncture in 4 tyres). You need to watch out for de-lamination around the side walls, but this has never occurred until the tyre is getting worn anyway. Look for the sales, as these tyres are good value at <$50.

5 out of 5
Christchurch CBD
Great value
2013-03-18 21:03:02.0

Couldn't pass up on the price offered, so got 2. Thought about buying the company

5 out of 5
Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
Great product - highly recommended
2013-03-18 21:00:26.0

On my third set of these and find them to be a great tyre. The set that I am using at the moment hes done over 2000kms and are still going. They provide plenty of grip and I have not had a flat tyre since I started using these.

5 out of 5
Brisbane QLD, Australia
The best allround tyre going.
2013-03-18 20:53:50.0

This is the most puncture resistent tyre I have used yet it is light enough for racing.

5 out of 5
Mt Wellington
Great grip and wears very well
2013-03-18 20:40:47.0

being using this tyre for some time now. Gives great confidence in wet conditions with good grip. Really able to lean the bike over on sharp corners witout concern.

5 out of 5
New Plymouth, New Zealand
A proven tyre world wide
2013-03-18 20:30:56.0

These are very good racing tyres. Can be used for training as well, if you have brought them on special at Torpedo7!!

5 out of 5
Waikato, New Zealand
Great Value.
2013-03-18 20:06:15.0

Overall a very good tyre that give good kilometers for training and has the performance for racing or getting around Taupo.

5 out of 5
Silverdale, New Zealand
Black Chilli FTW
2013-03-18 19:51:23.0

This is my favourite general use (training right through to racing) tyre. It is fast. It is grippy, and it is just awesome. I have raced Okoroiri and Taupo Solo on these and not had a problem. I have only had one puncture on these in over a year and that was a beer bottle fragment which unfortunately slashed the sidewall, which brings me to the only bad point of this tyre. The sidewalls are mega thin! But still, this is one awesome tyre for the money, and even more so when it is on special. I run these at 120PSI and watch the road like a hawk now for glass. Worth every penny.

5 out of 5
Parramatta NSW, Australia
Great tyre
2013-03-18 19:27:34.0

Weekend rider and sometime commuter - this tyre has never had a puncture (hope that statement is not testing fate).

5 out of 5
Palmerston North
Great racing clincher!
2013-03-18 18:59:47.0

Goes on easily, is puncture resistant, wear resistant, and fast.

5 out of 5
Wellington, New Zealand
Fast with a great deal of grip
2013-03-11 06:12:06.0

Have used this model tyre for the last 3 years and would not choose another. Ridden 1000's of kms and not one puncture. Rides well in all weather conditions long lasting and durable.

1 out of 5
Bad luck I suppose -
2013-03-04 19:48:26.0

Sorry but if I tell the truth, I would not recommend I have purchased twice and the first Tyre lasted about 10 rides and the side wall has torn away. I actually replaced with new one's recently and on second ride when cornering hit a stone/ pebble as u do and it put a 1cm gash in tread and punctured . Not great and is very frustrating after hearing good things about these tyres.

5 out of 5
Awesome tryes
2013-02-24 13:20:18.0

Good grip and no punctures so far loving these tyres, great value on special

5 out of 5
Wellington, New Zealand
My race tyre!
2013-02-20 02:20:36.0

A fast rolling race day tyre that wears very well!.

5 out of 5
Auckland, New Zealand
Great all-rounder tyre!
2013-02-19 23:48:44.0

Have only had mine for about 300 km, but already I have noticed many good features. They seem to be a perfect balance of puncture resistance vs grip vs speed. I have ridden only on city roads where there is a lot of glass/loose seal stones, but have had no punctures- compared to about 3 in the same time period with my last brand- or slashes in the tread. They roll fast and smooth, and have good grip, including in very wet conditions. If you still manage to skid by mistake, they are tough enough for you not to leave a massive flatspot in them. Wear seems to be pretty slow, and the inbuilt wear-indicators are a very useful idea. The picture makes them look a bit cheap and plasticky, but they certainly are not. Silver text on the side look pretty nice too. They are very easy to install and remove from the rims, I can put them back on quite easily without a tyre lever.

5 out of 5
Christchurch, New Zealand
Excellent tyre
2013-02-19 22:42:20.0

Contiinental GP 4000S is a great tyre, rolls and corners well.
Torpedo 7 price is the best anywhere
Firm to put on the rims, i think think that is a good thing

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