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EVS Glider Knee Pad

Knee & Ankle
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Product Details

The EVS Glider knee pad provides heavy duty knee protection utilizing EVS’ innovative floating shell design: a hard outside shell rides on a flexible membrane, while the inside layers remain soft & breathable.


  • Combined hard impact P.E. (polyethylene) cup & molded bio-foam
  • TPR limiters keep the cup where you need it during impacts
  • Perforated soft neoprene inner layer for maximum ventilation
  • Sold as a pair

Sizing Guide

  • Measure around the center of the knee
Size Knee To Fit 
Knee to Fit (cm)
Small 12 - 13.5"  30.5 - 34 
Medium 13.5 - 15"  34 - 38
Large 15 - 16.5"  38 - 41.9
X-Large 16.5 - 18"  41.9 -45.7

User Reviews

3 Reviews
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  • Comfortable and did the trick
    Easy on an off. Comfortable to wear. They did gather in the back of my knee but were OK. Mate submarined his bike so tip up and empty so a bit of time on my knees with 1 cm ice in the puddles. Very comfortable for kneeling on the ground in extreme cold. Lots of easy movement on my bike. Happy with purchase, quality of product and utility.
    Graeme Bisseker 2017-08-08 20:46:29.0
  • Great pads
    The first pads I've owned. Haven't hit the ground with them yet but they are sturdy with strong plastic. The translucent rubber latches at top and bottom are handy for attaching them to your back pack.

    A bit uncomfy to ride uphill in but fine if you ear them backwards on your shins.
    Giles Griffith 2017-06-18 13:43:03.0
  • Great value Knee Guard
    Smacked my knee into a tree stump, while wearing these guards. Impact shattered plastic, but guard saved my knee cap.
    Comfortable fitting guard that stays in place while riding. Great value.
    Just ordered another set.
    Michael Doran 2016-09-28 11:44:22.0

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