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Centric 360C Home Gym

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The C-360 includes a bench press station, high and low pulleys, leg extension, hamstring curl, arm curls, and more. The heavy-duty steel frame construction incorporates a durable seat with high-density foam padding for long-lasting comfort. 

Exercise Options: (over 20x)


  • Chest Press
  • Chest Flyes


  • Leg Extension 
  • Standing Hamstring Curls 
  • Standing Calf Raises 


  • Upright Rows 
  • Side Lateral Raises 
  • Front Raises 
  • Bent Over Rear Delts 


  • Bicep Curl 
  • Tricep Pushdown 
  • French Curls 


  • Lat Pulldowns (wide and narrow grip) 
  • Standing Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns 
  • Seated Cable Rows (wide and narrow grip) 
  • Bent Over Rows


  • Weighted Crunch
  • Woodchop (Lower and Upper)

And more...

View Exercise Video Guide

Start your strength workout today with the Centric - 360 Home Gym. This Home Gym is designed to provide you with an all-around strength and conditioning workout. Versatile, durable, dependable and affordable is what this home gyms all about!

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • Over 20x Workouts!
  • Durable Silver Powdercoat Paint
  • 10 Year Frame, 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
  • 150 Lb. Weight Stack (70kg)
  • Chest Press Station
  • Lat Pulldown / High Pulley
  • Seated Row / Low Pulley
  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl
  • Pectoral Fly Station
  • Accessories: Lat Bar & Straight Bar
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NameCentric 360C Home Gym
Set-up DimensionsL:1420mm x H:2040mm x W:1120mm
Maximum User Weight125kg
Assembly RequiredSome - Instruction Manual and Assembly Video Provided
Weight Plates70kg
Warranty TypeHome
Warranty Terms10 Year Frame, 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty (Full Warranty Details)
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User Reviews

90 Reviews
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  • Not up to the mark .
    If you are taller than 180cm it's hard to do much workout as they shown
    Thambi Babu 2 Dec 2018
  • Quick easy service, ordered online and received 4 days later. Was one small part missing but Called company and received the next day in mail! Awesome machine, especially with all the different types of workouts available. Definitely what I needed, thanks No1 fitness 10/10
    Rangi 20 Feb 2018
  • Nice piece of home work out gym.easy to install and the short video for workouts are really helpful... love it...Thanks
    Mazmoon 19 Feb 2018
  • Fantastic company and the staff at your Christchurch brand are show friendly and easy to deal with I have to say number one on fitness equipment,number one on staff very friendly and helpful and your online services as wellâ­�ï¸�â­�ï¸�â­�ï¸�â­�ï¸�â­�ï¸�
    Andy 11 Jan 2018
  • Great first home gym. Easy to assemble and saving loads of money and time.
    Dan 3 Jan 2018
  • There are some Pros and Cons and I have listed them below:

    1) Centre of Gravity if Off, because the chassis/frame is light weight (relative to the weight at the back) for certain exercises (bicep curl etc) the whole frame lifts up, but there is a way around it.

    2) The cavity in the weights weren't carved out properly, which means at times the weight gets stuck while exercising.

    1) Timely Delivery.
    2) Very easy to assemble and Use.
    3) A total body work out.
    4) For the Price, its quite a bargain.

    As you read, the Pros outweigh the Cons and hence I think this is a great purchase, for this price. A great gateway into owning/starting your home gym line up and I highly recommend it!
    Nikhil 10 Jul 2017
  • As an ex bodybuilder i highly recommend the quality of this product. I can complete my workouts at home and spend time with my kids at the same time.

    Easy to put together and great price.
    Cameron 3 Jul 2017
  • Great machine, put it together in a couple of hours, watching the video and reading the instructions.
    Can do heaps of exercises and I'm feeling good already!
    Thomas 24 Jun 2017
  • Arrived in good time and well packaged. Easy to assemble and use. Great home gym. Recommended. Definitely value for money.
    John 7 Jun 2017
  • This machine is great! Works well. However I would suggest that the instructions for assembly were made a little bit clearer!
    Justine 3 Jun 2017
  • Great product overall. Very easy to put together and use. Nothing bad to say at all, would highly recommend to people that are new to the weightlifting scene and even if you just want to save on gym fees. Thanks heaps
    Sean 3 Jun 2017
  • Relatively easy to assemble, and good for beginners though rocks quite a bit when in use. Not a very stable base so wouldn't recommend for advanced users who use lots of weight, though is quite a good deal for those starting out with weight training and want a compact and comprehensive machine to get started with. Good value and good for compact spaces.
    Nyala 2 May 2017
  • Amazing price for a home gym. Can enjoy it at home Especially when short on time. Highly recommend this gym
    Kim 27 Apr 2017
  • great piece of equipment; awesome fast service and delivery and easy to put together as demonstrated by my 16 year old
    Janet 17 Apr 2017
  • Abit late with this review because i have had this homegym for over a year! It has easy to follow setup instructions and gives you links to online video to assist with an exercise programme. It certainly has more than enough weights onboard to accomplish your programme. A big thumbs up!
    Billy 14 Apr 2017
  • I brought my Centric 360 on trade me. Arrived within the time stated was everything they said it was. Great easy trade. every happy with my purchase great machine and great value for money
    Sheree 10 Apr 2017
  • Great value for money, quick delivery and easy set up
    vanessa 26 Mar 2017
  • Very good value for money. Great service and delivery right into my garage. Very happy.
    Melissa 17 Mar 2017
  • Arrived promptly, easy to assemble. Feeling better after only a few days....
    Phil 18 Jan 2017
  • Easy to assemble, strong and sturdy. Good for when you want to workout but don't want to leave the house.
    VIJAY 17 Jan 2017
  • Highly recommend the centric 360C home gym! Nice and easy to put together, nicely packaged and easy to use / change modes. Extremly happy with purchase, Thankyou!
    Holly 14 Jan 2017
  • Awesome unit, easy to set up!
    Terry 15 Dec 2016
  • So happy we purchased this gym. Never successfully joined and maintained gym memberships so having our gym at home is fab. The video helped us put it together with ease. Highly recommend this gym.
    denise 5 Dec 2016
  • Arrived fast. Easy to put together. Awesome home gym. Cheers no1
    jayden 2 Dec 2016
  • The Centric 360 looks ok once put together. It's operation is a little clunky at first but becomes smooth after spraying the moving parts with a silicon lubricant. The seat arrived damaged but I don't think the quality was particularly high before it was packed.
    Upright rowing cannot be performed without standing on the front legs or you tilt the whole machine. A little warning would of been nice! A little mod by the manufacturer could sort this out easily. Not a bad entry level gym. With a few mods, it could be improved without affecting the purchase price but be more desirable by a bigger market.
    Mr 1 Dec 2016
  • Easy to put together and a great set up for a home workout.
    Sheryl 27 Nov 2016
  • Excellent first gym for my teenager boys. Easy to use and compact so it fits our space well.

    Nigel 25 Nov 2016
  • Great first gym, compact and reasonably easy to put together
    Kim 2 Nov 2016
  • Great service and turned up within the 3-5 day time frame promised. Very easy to set up. Great exercise options on both the booklet and on line video which helped immensely. Great buy for its price.
    Charlotte 16 Oct 2016
  • Very easy to use, nice and compact .
    Jessica 3 Oct 2016
  • I brought this gym because i couldn't justifiy paying massive dollars to the gym. I'm so happy with the service i have recived off Number 1 fitness. Its so easy to put togeather i wasn't left with any extra bolts,screws (that were meant to go somewhere and i left out) i found the video really helpful along with the up for me is a boxing bag and gloves. so many thanks and i'll be back to shop again very soon.
    Marie 1 Oct 2016
  • Very happy with Gym, arrived promptly and was easy to put together. Very pleased
    Chris 20 Sep 2016
  • Absolutely wonderful service. Quick delivery too!.The gym arrived ready for assembly and no1 fitness had provided a instructional video. This made assembly a breeze. Much easier than written directions. My only feedback re video would be it would be great to perhaps state what size bolts or nuts the guy is using which would save us having to refer to written part as well but otherwise wise we are extremely happy with our new gym and use it daily. I'd highly recommend it!! We will be back for more items. Thankyou NO1 FITNESS
    Rowena 9 Sep 2016
  • Arrived quickly without a hassle and was easy to put together, didn't take long at all!
    All our family of 6 can use this in one way or another, it's great.
    To have one piece of machinery that can be used by everyone at the own personal level is amazing.
    Best purchase yet!
    Sharyn 1 Sep 2016
  • Great gym, easy to use, and not expensive. Was ordered and delivered within 3 days. Lots of exercises
    Katie 29 Aug 2016
  • Great looking machine was relatively easy to put together using instructions and assembly video.
    Weights are all in lbs so needed to double check as im a bit of a beginner. seems to have everything there and is handy being a bit "bigger" it can take a user of my weight limit which others seemed to not be able to do
    Shaun 28 Aug 2016
  • Awesome home gym. Great price. Easy to assemble.
    Erin 14 Aug 2016
  • Excellent service, really fast arrival, able to ensure that everyone in the family are able to meet their fitness requirements. Good information on the videos. Totally Stoked should have purchased earlier.
    Diane 14 Aug 2016
  • Great machine, great value and super fast shipping. Assembly takes some time, and instructions are limited... but it all makes sense once you have everything laid out!
    Alex 28 Jul 2016
  • Great buy. the assembly video was a real help. Setup in 2 hours. The product is great for a home gym. Will save lots of $$ from annual gym fees now that i have this. Highly recommended.
    Manoj 21 Jul 2016
  • I just purchased the Centric 360C home gym and am so happy with it. It is perfect for home use and does exactly what I need with its versatility, easy exercises and solid construction. I get a full body workout in the comfort of home. It was fairly easy to put together too so I was using it the day it arrived. I am already feeling better for it!
    Charwin 17 Jul 2016
  • Its a very nice value home gym equipment. The product was delivered on time .The packaging was good although we had 2 screws short which I had to purchase separately (otherwise would have given 5 stars).The paper instructions could be improved further although the video instructions along with paper is good enough. I was able to fix it easily for such a multi-function product. Do keep aside few hours though which is quite fair for such an equipment.So good on these guys for coming up with such a product. Very satisfied with it and will recommend for those who are seeking healthy lifestyle.
    Souradeep 12 Jul 2016
  • Excellent product, very happy
    Leighton 12 Jul 2016
  • What a fantastic product for a great price. Cant say anymore than that. It pays for itself and was really easy to assemble, even the young one gave dad a hand. Thanks for a great deal number one fitness and then of course, FREE delivery included.

    Morne 28 Jun 2016
  • Great value for money. Great service, fast delivery - unfortunately it arrived with a broken part and was swapped out with no questions asked. Found it easy to install and use. Very pleased.
    Ian 14 Jun 2016
  • Very happy with this home gym. This provides a great variety of exercises and is ideal for beginner/intermediate level lifters. Very durable and relatively easy to assemble. Good stuff no1!
    Chris 26 May 2016
  • Easy to assemble by following the video link. Very happy with product and can't wait to start using it on a more regular basis. Thanks so much!
    Rebecca 17 May 2016
  • Thank you for yet another great product at a bargain prize. Keep up the good service. Friends for life. Leon
    Leon 28 Apr 2016
  • This is a very versatile peice of equipment,Amazing price for a great peice of equipment,Received the product a couple days after ordering this product,Very easy to set up and overall just amazing site to get great excercise equipment for an amazing price.Thankyou No1Fitness 10/10 for providing amazing customer service online and well maintained equipment
    Chad 22 Apr 2016
  • Was quite a build, needed to purchase some tools to put it together, also one box of weights was misplaced and this took time for no1fitness and mainfrieght to locate. Some pieces of steel had been bent in transport and needed straighten to put pieces together.

    The gym has been good though, using it a few months now, easy to use, quiet and has a large range of exercises. Was a great price for what I got compared to similar home gym sets.
    Kurt 18 Apr 2016
  • This is a very versatile machine. I was able to do most of the training with this machine. It took a bit of time to assemble, but not difficult. Very happy with the product.
    Nick 12 Feb 2016
  • As always an amazing piece of exercise equipment from No 1 fitness. Thanks :)
    Krystal 2 Feb 2016
  • Excellent value for money gym... Well designed. Solid and practice use of limited space... Fantastic home gym
    Rob 2 Feb 2016
  • I am very happy with the Centric 360C Home Gym. It is made of very sturdy materials. I received it within a few working days of ordering it. It arrives in three very heavy boxes (two of those are the 70 kg of weights)...and you have to assemble it from scratch, which took me a couple of hours once I had paired off all of the various-sized bolts with their nuts. The step-by-step instructions don't explain when to use a couple of the components (like which nuts and bolts to use with the pulleys), but this is shown in one of the illustrations. The gym allows you to do numerous exercises, and given the weights provided, will cater for novices (like me) through to more advanced weight lifters. I looks to be very good value for money.
    Helen 2 Feb 2016
  • Pretty easy to set up and now in full swing. Enjoying having the ability to do so many exercises on one machine.
    Stuart 31 Jan 2016
  • It was a chore to set up but it paid well when it was done. It is a great addition to our daily exercise regime. The youtube video on the different exercises is a really effective guide. Saved money going to the gym by just popping into the garage and having a good workout.
    Olita 27 Jan 2016
  • Great price , great quality , amazing service !!!! no1 fitness really is #1
    Patchouli 24 Jan 2016
  • Just got all my new equipment yesterday and can't wait to use it - very good price also! Thanks a lot
    Nick 20 Jan 2016
  • A great little home Gym, perfect for our family arrived just after the delivery timeframes noted on the No.1 Fitness site. This wasn't a bother as the track and trace system was really efficient. There wasn't the usual stress that comes with following instructions and having to self assemble something in our house so very easy to put together! Although it doesn't feel as strong as ones you would use in a professional gym this is a great option for those who need something to supplement their existing training and avoid expensive gym memberships just to get the strength training needed.
    Charlotte 18 Jan 2016
  • Got this sent to Palmy for my dad's birthday. Had super quick delivery service and a machine he's happy with! Will be buying from here again!
    Sammie 3 Jan 2016
  • Can do a range of exercises with this machine. Perfect for the shed, no having to travel to a gym to get those few added extras in. Quick and easy to deal with website. Paid and delivered within a few days. Too easy
    Matt 30 Dec 2015
  • Huge range, great prices, nice and quick
    Dean 30 Dec 2015
  • No1 Fitness, we are absolutely stoked with the promptness of your dispatching our purchase, the friendly delivery from Mainfreight and the awesome quality of our Home gym. We are using it and are extremely happy so thank you very much. We are already telling our friends about your company. May you have a prosperous new year. Craig and Joss Martin
    Joss 27 Dec 2015
  • Easy to put together. Does everything they we expected it to do and more.

    This is used by the whole family from 11 up to myself being old an chunky. This was definitely a worthwhile investment for our family.
    Kelly 27 Dec 2015
  • great products
    clarez 17 Dec 2015
  • Very efficient & good communication throughout the purchase & delivery. I would have no hesitation in recommending Number1fitness.
    Wayne 16 Dec 2015
    ADAM 11 Dec 2015
  • Centric 360C Home Gym is a compact sturdy home gym with a awesome weight stack....met my needs to a T. Tons of different exercises to work out every body part A+++++
    Dean 10 Dec 2015
  • Great home gym system. Does most of the exercises you need to do to get fit.
    Abhishek 10 Dec 2015
  • great stuff, fully body exercise, easy to assemble and strong frames. over all an excellent product and fast service by numberone fitness
    sumesh 10 Dec 2015
  • Nice quick service and delivery. Good gym for the price. A bit unevenly weighted so it lifts when doing certain exercises, but overall happy.
    Scott 10 Dec 2015
  • Was easy to put together and one of the best gym equipment's I have ever bought. My wife even enjoys using it! I would definetly recommend
    Anthony 8 Dec 2015
  • So pleased with the Centric 360 home gym, fast delivery, simple to put together and quality to match i could not ask for more thank you !!
    Paul 6 Dec 2015
  • Number One Fitness saw us right. I wanted the right exercise machine for me as I am pretty crippled and Number One Fitness answered all my questions and gave me the right advice. Our Centric 360C Home Gym is great, it wasn't hard to put together and is exactly what I needed. Thanks Number One Fitness I recommend you to everyone.
    Dennis 3 Dec 2015
  • My review on the Centric 360C,I was a Body Builder back in the 1980s and throught I would get back into it again at my age,very well made machine and very easy to put together with the help with the on line video,have now used the gym for a week and have put through some good work outs ,there is a good amount of weight to use and the seating is very good,for value of money AAA well worth the small outlay.You can do on this gym what you can do on gyms 3 times the price.Garry
    Garry 30 Nov 2015
  • Great basic home gym, just what we were wanting
    Melanie 30 Nov 2015
  • Very easy to assemble with good instructions and nothing missing in the packs. Home Gym is fully functional and easy to use with a decent set of weights. Instructions also include a visual set of exercises which you can do on this machine.
    Petra 25 Nov 2015
  • really pleased with my gym I brought, affordable but really good quality, have been using it heaps and hope to buy a bench press when I have the funds highly recommend buying from Number one Fitness
    Ben 21 Nov 2015
  • Overall good product for the price. Nicely finished. A bit unbalanced when pulling bar up at the front.
    David 14 Nov 2015
  • Awesome homegym , great price , can't fault it , recovering from a sever motorcycle accident and this is just perfect.
    jason 12 Nov 2015
  • A solid piece of equipment that suits our purpose really well and was easy to put together. Great value for money.
    Greg 10 Nov 2015
  • Awesome Service
    Adejumo 6 Nov 2015
  • Gym arrived quickly and was easy to put together. Loving using it - exactly what I wanted.
    Marina 29 Oct 2015
  • Easy to assemble, and easy to use, with plenty of weight for the beginner through to the serious trainer.
    David 19 Oct 2015
  • Great easy to use and setup home gym. Also very fast delivery.
    daniel 10 Oct 2015
  • A very good home gym the staff are very helpful.Thankyou
    Marlene 5 Oct 2015
  • Great gym for the price. Only improvements to it would be the bench press doesn't give you full range and the front of the bench lifts when using the bottom pulley.
    Gareth 1 Oct 2015
  • This home gym is more than I know
    Knowing more it blows my mind
    My mind keeps thinking, my muscles grow
    Growing the reviews is all I know
    So this review is all it takes
    Glenn 29 Sep 2015
  • WOW ! what a buy ! not being the type who goes along to a gym this was the perfect answer. Took a bout 4 hours to put together so I guess you could say the work out started on day 1. I am into my 3rd week and have lost an inch off my waist already.
    Thanks Number one fitness !!!!
    Jeff 26 Sep 2015
  • Great product for the price. Assembly instructions were good easy to put together
    Dylan 16 Sep 2015

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