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Torpedo7 Jetsetter Pro Bike Bag

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Torpedo7 Jetsetter Pro Bike Bag

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With the Torpedo7 Jetsetter Pro Soft Case Bike Bag it’s easier to travel than ever before.
Whether you travel inter-city, inter-island, or international you need something safe and secure to transport your ride right? This bag is designed to carry road, or mountain bikes as far as you are willing to travel.

Constructed of hard-wearing fabric, it features specially shaped separate zippered pockets for your wheels. For added protection it also features a derailleur protector, straps and an internal frame which utilises your own wheel skewers to support and protect your bike. This bag has a shoulder strap as well as a towing handle, and the great thing is that it folds up for storage!
  • A soft shaped cycle bag protects your bike
  • The Bike Bag is moulded to fit most road, touring and mountain bikes in a secure “locked” in position to reduce damage whilst in transit
  • Internal straps and frame secure bike in place
  • Rear derailleur protector
  • Internal mounting frame
  • Separate internal pockets for wheels
  • Closed with industrial strength zips
  • Strong, integrated rear wheels and swivel lead wheels for ease of carrying
  • External Dimensions: Length 1100mm, Height (tallest) 907mm, Depth 460mm widest
  • Weight: Approx 10.3kg
Very little work is needed to prepare your bike for transit in the Soft Bike Bag making it quick and easy to use. Read the details for your type of bike below:
  • Remove the pedals
  • Remove the wheels and secure them into the wheel recesses
  • With your quick release skewers mount the bike on the frame.
Cross Country Mountain Bike:
  • Remove pedals
  • Remove the handlebars from their clamp so they can be placed loosely in the case
  • Remove the wheels and secure them into the wheel recesses
  • With your quick release skewers mount the bike on the frame.
Note for 29er’s
We’ve tested a Large framed Dual Suspension 29er in this case and here are our suggestions to fit:
  • If you have a large framed bike you will need to pretty much strip bike back to bare frame
  • For best fit, we’d recommend no larger than large/medium bikes unless you’re particularly mechanically inclined
  • Remove pedals, handlebars, wheels,
  • Tyres and tubes will also need to be removed or deflated on 29” MTB’s  

Please note that we have not been able to check all sizes and styles of bike in this case and some designs or sizes will fit differently to how we’ve suggested. Some initiative may be required.

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13 Reviews
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  • 1st bike bag we bought and it has exceeded our expectations
    1st bike bag we bought and it has exceeded our expectations
    Bernie Mccahill 2018-10-08 12:54:13.0
  • Jetsetter Pro Soft Case Bike Bag
    Good bag, heaps of room, just needed to drill out frame to take take 13mm thur bolts.
    TIM GOODSON 2018-06-04 13:13:12.0
  • Nice bag
    Well made bag and bike only takes 10min at very most to pack. One of the best purchases ive made yet
    Malcolm Henham 2018-04-06 19:58:48.0
  • Well made - fits 56cm frame with integrated seat post
    Ordered 10.30am Sunday, delivered 8.30am Monday! Had concerns whether my 56cm frame with an intergrated seat post would fit - needn't have worried, bit of room to spare, just whip off pedals and wheels and it packs straight in. Haven't travelled with it yet but appears excellent quality, thick material, robust zips, robust wheels. Very happy.
    Mike McKay 2017-10-18 15:09:37.0
  • Better for road than MTB
    Good quality material but would benefit from some stiffening so that it holds its shape. A road bike (54cm) is an easy fit with minimal dismantling but my medium framed trail bike required a lot of work including dropping the forks out of the frame. The other thing is that the metal framework to hold the forks and rear triangle are designed for quick release attachment. Modern MTB bikes with large axles won't work with the framework without some ingenuity. I used a spare rear QR from a road bike to hold the forks and a couple of 4mm bolts to support the rear whilst I strapped it down tight. You also need to watch the bottom of the frame on the metal support otherwise you'll get to your destination with a huge scratch and lost paint.
    Mark Darvill 2017-09-26 21:59:21.0
  • Great travel bag at awesome price
    Road bike arrived undamaged flying Brisbane return. Is relatively easy to pack bike once you have done it once and bag is easy to manoeuvre on its rollers. Just make sure you have a tool handy to lower the seat post if you are 6 foot or more, as found regional airports struggled to get the bag through the baggage chute. I also cut up a pool noodle to further protect frame.
    Michael Emery 2017-05-18 12:19:12.0
  • Awesome, stress-free, value-for-money
    I used this to fly from Melbourne - Port Macquarie for an Ironman, and it was perfect.

    Packing my bike down is something that stresses me. Do an Ironman? No problem! Pack a bike or construct Ikea furniture? Yikes!

    I allowed an hour the first time but was finished in around 15 minutes. I have a tiny 48cm TT bike and didn't need to lower the seat or do anything to my aero bars - the zip *just* fit around them. There's a handy "shower bag" that you can put your tools, etc. and a small zip pocket inside and outside. Plus padded protectors (with velcro) for the handlebars and top tube. Really well-thought product. Oh, and as my taxi cancelled :( I ended up walking 1km down the main street with the bag and the wheels were the best of the 4 bike boxes I've borrowed before. (Plus it comes with a spare wheel.) Weighed in at 21km at the airport, with my helmet, tools and wetsuit inside. I still recommend bubble wrap around the rear mech area.

    The only thing I'd change is to make the straps and inner not black, as us athletes are often packing / unpacking in the dark or poorly lit hotel rooms, and chasing a rogue washer that's fallen "somewhere" in the bag would be easier with a lighter coloured fabric. However, that's a minor point.

    Buy it. You won't regret it.
    Suzanne Nottage 2017-05-13 13:23:15.0
  • Well-built travel bag - seems durable
    Well-built travel bag - durable fabric cover and solid support base. Would have preferred more subtle branding on the case.
    C C 2016-10-05 21:54:24.0
  • Best bag design I have seen
    This bag takes less than two minutes to pack - at least 30 minutes less than hard bags. Just take off the wheels and my bike uses its own skewers to connect to a little frame in the bottom of the bag. My road bike is size S -but there is lots of room left over. I will put in more padding around my wheels as they are carbon and sit on the outside of the bike frame so will take the biggest knocks. Ally wheels would be fine. The straps look like they may not last forever so I will tape them up on long flight.
    Its a great well designed product at an excellent price. the biggest reason I bought it is the bag packs flat when not in use so is easy to store.
    Ben Freer 2016-09-26 20:18:22.0
  • Really easy to use!
    The internal frame is great for securing your bike in place quickly and easily - SO much better than the last back which just had an attachment for the front forks. My 54in road bike fits in without having to remove handlebars, seatpost and peddles which makes loading and getting ready to ride much quicker
    Michael Fague 2016-09-13 10:01:15.0
  • Great
    Carried my bike to Auckland from Sydney. No hassles and no damage. Edge of wheel hub cause a little tear inside the wheel pocket but nothing serious.
    Danoz 2016-05-11 18:52:41.0
  • Nicely padded soft bag with minimal dismantling of my road bike. Easy to pack and manoeuvre while in transit.
    Soft bag that can stow away reasonably easily when empty. Comes with instructions but packaging is relatively simple whith little dismantling of the bike. i used this for my road bike and only had to remove the wheels. Handle bars and pedals remained I n place. Wheels are packed into padded zip up bags. The bike clips firmly into a frame and my clothes packed neatly into the base and weighed a total of 22kg. Zipping up the bag was a little tight around the handle bars. Nice smooth wheels for moving the bag. No damage to the bike after flying - phew! And I liked the "fragile" sign on the side.
    Cyclingsue 2016-04-08 04:30:09.0
  • Perfect size for bike and gear bags
    I was forced to purchase my own bike bag when my daughter and I registered for the same event and both needed to transport our bikes at the same time. I purchased the same bag as she had because I already knew how robust and easy to use it was. I like that the frame is locked into place, the wheels are stored safely in separate compartments, and I can leave my handlebars on in their normal position. I manage to get my entire half IM kit in the bag with the bike, and it weighs exactly 23kg. That's wetsuit, bike shoes, helmet, running shoes and a variety of clothing for all weather. I was delighted that even though I live in a small, remote town, my order took only 2 days to arrive.
    Ironchick03 2016-01-05 02:46:03.0

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