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Torpedo7 Foldaway Hiking Pole & Snow Basket

Walking Poles

Product Details

The Torpedo7 Deluxe Ultralight Foldaway Trekking Pole will make your next Hike or Trail Run or Ski Tour more enjoyable.

It folds up small but can be deployed quickly. It's soft handle and EVA Sleeve make it comfortable to use and is perfect for all conditions including the extreme cold. The 7075 Premium Alloy shaft is both lightweight and strong and means there is less pendulum weight when swinging them thus causing less fatigue. It comes with an interchangeable Mud and Snow Basket as well as a rubber tip cover. The Tungsten Carbide tip beneath the rubber cover will grip even in the most slippery conditions such as during river crossings. The Quick release Lever allows you to quickly and easily change the poles length from 115cm to 135cm for different hight people or for when ascending/descending. A velcro tie ensures the pole stays folded when not in use.
Using hiking poles will help protect your knees, shins and ankle while descending and should help to prevent slips and falls. They will allow you to climb steep ascents quicker and easier with less effort as you combine upper and lower body muscle groups at the same time as burning more calories and building Arm, Shoulder and Neck Muscles. They aid balance on the most uneven terrains and during slippery river crossings. They also promote better posture to keep you more upright, opening up the chest and improving breathing and help to prevent sore backs while carrying heavy loads. They are also compact and can be attached to or put in your pack ready to be deployed rapidly during your next walk/run/hike/ski trip 

  • Adjustable length from 115cm to 135cm
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Compact, Ultralight and strong
  • Mud and Snow baskets + Rubber Tip cover included
  • Made from 7075 High strength aluminium
  • Durable Carbide Tip for grip on wet/slippery surfaces
  • 350g
To unfold the pole, release the velcro strap, and while holding the handle, let the pole unfurl. Ensure the lower section is completely inserted into the middle section correctly, then pull down on the lowest part of the handle section (marked with PULL and an arrow) until it meets the middle section. Now give it one more tug and look at the handle section just below the quick release to ensure you can see the lock button and that it is protruding. You can now open the quick release and adjust the poles length to your desired length.
The Perfect length on Flat terrain is to have the pole handle in your hand with your hand through the strap, the pole just in front of your body standing upright and for your elbow and forearm bent at 90deg to your body. If you are going uphill, it can be a lot easier if you shorten the length of your pole by about 5-10cm and if you are descending it is a good idea to lengthen your pole 5-10cm so you can reach the ground descending from in front of you.
DO NOT extend the pole past the STOP mark indicated on the shaft above 135cm
To re-fold the pole, simply press the lock button in, hold the pole by the handle and grab the middle section and push upwards to store the retractable part of the handle section. Now pull the middle section down again so you can see 5-10cm of the steel cable. Fold the middle section against the handle and now grab the lower section. Pull this away from the handle until you see the cable between the middle and lower section. You can now fold this lower section down, next to the other two sections. Secure with the Velcro strap.
To make best use of the straps, start with your hand below the strap loop and insert your hand UP through the strap and then form a large O-shape with your thumb and forefinger around the top of the strap and pole handle. Your hand should rest with the crux of your thumb on top of the strap. This means that when you apply downward pressure to propel yourself forwards, it is transferred not from your tight grip on the pole handle but from the tension applied between the wrist and strap. So as you stride along your poles become an extension to the flow of your wrist, arms and whole body movement.
The Baskets (Smaller Mud Basket and Larger Snow Basket) are threaded and just screw off to interchange
Be careful not to catch your pole in between a rock or on a board walk, metal grate or stair as if you continue forwards the momentum can bend or snap your pole.
If you find the pole length slipping, simply open the quick release and turn the nut slightly tighter. Close the quick release and check it doesn't slip. If the nut is extremely tight but the pole continues to slip, take the pole apart and ensure the shafts are dry and clean internally and externally.
Do not lubricate the shaft with oils or grease but ensure you keep all surfaces clean and dry especially during storage. This will prolong the life of your pole.
Max user weight <120kg - Max holding strength of the quick release length = 50kg approx. (nb. Moisture/lubrication of the shaft and tension on the screw will affect its ability to hold)

Snow equipment is available online and at these stores:

North Island: Albany, Botany, Westgate, Mt Wellington, Newmarket Westfield, Hamilton – The Base, Tauranga, Taupo, Porirua, Petone.
South Island: Nelson, Christchurch – Tower Junction, Christchurch – Northlink, Queenstown, Queenstown – Remarkables Park, Wanaka – Racers Edge*, Dunedin.

*Snowboards, snowboard boots & bindings not available.


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Item No: T7I023080
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