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Torpedo7 Deluxe Bike Tool Kit

Multi Tools Kits

Product Details

Equip yourself with a quality tool kit with everything you need to maintain your own bike in the comfort of your own garage, saving time and money on expensive repairs at your local bike shop.

The Torpedo7 moulded tool box is designed to accommodate each tool in its own space meaning you always know where to find it.

  • Patch Repair Kit
  • 2 x Plastic Tyre Levers
  • 3mm Screwdriver - For derailleur adjustment
  • T25 Torx Key – For disc brake calipers and rotors
  • 8mm Hex Key Wrench – Crank arm removal
  • Hex Wrench Set – 2/2.5/3/5/6mm ( 4/5/6 Ball End)
  • Interchangeable 5mm Flat/Philips screwdriver
  • Lock Ring Remover - With a guide pin is for Shimano cassette and centre lock disc brakes
  • Chain Rivet Extractor - Suits for HG/UG/VG and come with one removing pin and one chain pin
  • Dust cap Wrench - For 8 internal splines of the crank arm
  • Chain ring Nut Wrench - Use for chain ring nut and crank cover wrench
  • Pedal Wrench 14/15mm - Removes and installs rear / front hub nut and crank.
  • Free Wheel Turner (chain whip)
  • Bottom Bracket Wrench - Designed for use on installation and removing of B.B. Fits Shimano Hollowtech II B.B
  • 2 x Hub Cone Spanner - 13/14/15/16mm
  • Crank Puller - Designed for removing crank from Shimano spindle, over-sized B.B. and ISIS drive. With interchangeable adaptor fits both square and splined axles.
  • Spoke Wrench - 0.127'' 0.130'' 0.136''
  • Cartridge B.B. Tool - For Shimano cartridge
  • Blow-Moulded Case Dimension: 305 x 240 x 55mm
  • Weight: 2435g
Item No: T7I023364
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User Reviews

2 Reviews
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  • Super cost effective beginner toolset
    Buying even 4 individual tools can rapidly exceed even the $170 that this costs off-sale, so the value is fantastic.

    Impressed with the tool quality. All fit-for-purpose.

    All came well-oiled for our humid NZ climate.
    I expected the plastic parts to be cheap, hard plastic with sharp seams, but they're a step above that and feel really good. Rubberized handles for the spanners, etc, is a good-feeling material, too.
    Allen keys are not the common cheap matte black ones you'd have lying around, either. Whilst they're glossy like CR-V ones, I can't comment on if they're as good as them. They're certainly fit for purpose.

    Flat metal tools have a really nice feel and look to be die-pressed, so particularly on the threaded BB wrench (also for centrelock rotors) I notice that one face's edges are marginally more filleted than the other. Though, it doesn't affect the performance if used as intended.

    The carry case surprised me, too. Once again, a step above cheap plastic. Feels fit for purpose. The latches are a bit mushy but latch well. Overall totally suitable as something to bring on a trip.

    Some things to note for users:

    • Rockshox forks use the cassette tool to remove the air cap to add spacers. This kit's tool has a pin in the middle to make life easier on hubs, meaning it won't work for an air cap. If you are capable, I'm sure one could remove the pin.

    • For higher-end bikes, this kit lacks the socket needed for centre-mount chainrings, and a few sizes of Torx keys which are often used on SRAM levers, among other things. The Torx included will do SRAM bar clamps, though.

    • This kit is fantastic for BMXs and cheaper bikes, as you don't often come across a pair of sheet-metal-thin spanners for the bearing races and locknuts in your dad's garage. Re-grease those hubs, baby.
    Oliver Briggs 20 Aug 2023 Recommends this product
  • I like the product and want to purchase it today. But the sales agents of the store in Westgate didn't give me the whole process as to how to make payments while on Level 3 since the product is available there. So, I just went home without having the kit with me. I guess the Support Team and the store should agree with the proper procedure. The store representatives should know how to guide the customers, specially for a first timer like me. I waited more than an hour because it takes time for the Support Team to answer the call. You need to wait 15-20 minutes and I made calls 4 times. Bad experience with the store..
    MICHAEL ERIC NUEZ 4 Oct 2021

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