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Torpedo7 Heavy Duty Slackline - 25m


Torpedo7 Heavy Duty Slackline - 25m

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Exercise equipment, party trick, child's plaything, latest craze

Try out the latest outdoor phenomenon that is Slacklining with your very own Torpedo7 Slackline. Set it up in your garage, between two trees, or anywhere you have two fixed points.

Adjust the height to your level of confidence and you're away! First try to walk more than two steps (not as easy as it looks!), then move on to walking across the whole thing. Within no time you'll be hooked and working on muscle groups you never knew you had!

The Slackline also does wonders for your balance, hand-to-eye coordination, core strength and confidence.

The kid's will love it! You're mates will love it! You will love it!

  • Two components: The Ratchet, The Band
  • 50mm wide flex band with covered straps 
  • 25m long
  • 4000kg breaking strain
  • Carry bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Total weight: 3.95kg

It's recommended for the extended life of the slackline, and the protection of the tree you are using that a protective layer be placed between the slackline and the tree trunk, such as the Torpedo7 Slackline Tree Protectors.

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5 Reviews
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  • Decent quality, does the job.
    No problems. Complete with storage bag.
    Peter Mack 2017-11-02 11:23:01.0
  • Great price and great fun
    Easy to set up, strong and totally worth the price. Very happy with it!
    Giulia Scurria 2017-10-17 21:49:33.0
  • Never ending fun!!
    The challenge of this product Leeds to Never ending fun!!
    William Clarke 2016-11-05 22:55:52.0
  • Does the trick. Just a pity I still can't do any
    To be perfectly honest I'm not sure what constitutes a good slack line but it hasn't snapped so that's got to be worth some stars. It would be nice if torp7 made longer & narrower lines.
    James Warren 2016-08-30 15:46:09.0
  • Love it! One flaw though.
    I enjoy using my slackline :) soooo addicted to this sport. One thing though, the webbing attached to the ratchet is too short so one tree has to be smaller (about 1.5m or less in diameter) than the other. But it's so worth the hassle once I get it set up.
    Sassy 2015-10-28 05:48:02.0

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