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Shotgun Pro Kids MTB Seat

Child Carriers

Product Details

The Shotgun Pro is the ultimate child seat for MTB families. It’s lightning fast to attach and remove, has zero frame contact, and is adjustable to fit electric and regular mountain bikes.
  • Designed for children 2 – 5 years (up to 60lb / 27kg)
  • Zero frame contact
  • Adjustable leg length and width to fit electric and regular mountain bikes
  • Super fast to fit, remove and swap between bikes
  • Fits all mountain bikes with standard 1 1⁄8 steerers (10mm stem clearance required)

Will it fit:
  • The Shotgun Pro seat fits all modern mountain bikes with a standard 1 1/8 inch steerer, including electric mountain bikes. Before purchasing, check your local laws regarding the use of child seats and e-bikes.
  • Fitting requires 10mm of clearance under the stem. Bikes with stems shorter than 50mm in length may require additional clearance under the stem, the minimum clearance required is indicated in the diagram below.
  • The Shotgun Pro includes two spacers, for use on two bikes. Installing the Shotgun Pro spacer replaces 10mm of standard steerer spacers on your bike.
  • Please note that adaptors for use with Trek Knock Block and Scott Syncros headsets are sold separately. The Shotgun Pro is not compatible with bikes that have a quill stem.
  • The Shotgun Pro seat is suitable for dropper posts and all common seat post sizes, including 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm. Fitting requires 14mm of available seat post space.
Item No: I024741
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User Reviews

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  • Best thing since disc brakes and dropper posts.
    so i've had the shotgun pro (plus shotgun handlebars) on a carbon fiber enduro bike since high summer - about six months now. daughter is now almost four. wanted to wait to give a more informed review.
    we love it.

    i pick her up from preschool on the bike, and we take little urban adventures to feed the ducks, visit playgrounds, etc., and just getting there is an exploration and adventure she doesn't get in the back of the suv.
    visiting the local botanical gardens to feed the ducks is soooo much cooler when you get to swoop along the paths and over the footbridges.

    so if that kind of easy urban adventure is your speed, the shotgun pro is great, and you'll probably never remove it between rides.

    if you're looking for singletrack adventures, this excels.

    longest ride she's done is 22kms, a full day of shared path and singletrack out to the local lake to eat lunch and watch the boats.

    gnarliest ride she's done is 12kms of purpose built singletrack, mostly green rated with lots of optional blue detours with tech features and a skills park at the start/finish.

    she's descended steep bermed flow, descended small rock gardens, descended small rock stairs, done pump track, and she's amped to try bigger rock gardens and a teeter-totter next.

    she's gained huge confidence on her balance bike too, as a result of learning how to lean in turns.

    fitting the kit was reasonably straightforward, but do not remove your bars with the bike in a work stand and the front wheel off the ground, or your fork falls out and bearings go everywhere.

    amateur mistake; either fit it with the bike on the ground in a wheel stand, or get your local bike shop to do it.

    i highly recommend the shotgun pro over the regular frame-clamped shotgun, and i also recommend you get one of the kidsride handlebar options.

    this allows you another thing to adjust; you're basically setting up a ***pit within a ***pit, with the ability to adjust saddle position, saddle angle, foot peg length, foot peg ang
    Daniel Hunt 26 Aug 2022

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