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Weights & Bars
Dumbbell Rods

Dumbbell Rods & Collars

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Olympus Spinlock Dumbbell Rod 17"" (43cm) - Silver
Olympus Olympic Dumbbell Rod

Olympic Dumbbell Rod

4x interest free payments of $17.50
Olympus Spinlock Dumbbell Rod 15 - Silver
Olympus Spinlock Dumbbell Rod 16 - Silver
Olympus Spinlock Dumbbell Rod 14in"" (36cm) - Silver

So you’ve got your weight plates and now you need your dumbbell rod. Good news, you have come to the right place because at Torpedo7 we have a range of dumbbell rods to help you build muscle, burn body fat and all that other good stuff that comes with working out. We have dumbbell rods of several different lengths ranging from 14 inches through to 18 inches. Our standard dumbbell rods are around 1.5kgs, made of solid steel and made to fit 25mm standard weight plates, while our olympic dumbbell rods are a little heavier and made to fit 50mm olympic weight plates. Grab your weight plates, bars and benches and get those muscles pumping!

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