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Ski & Snowboard Workshop

The 2023 season has now finished and our snow workshops are now closed. Here at Torpedo7 we love carving it up on the mountain and helping you get the best out of your gear. Stay tuned for great pre-season workshop deals in 2024 so that you and your gear are good to go. We’ll see you out there!

Benefits of tuning your gear

Enhances the performance of your skis or board and helps protect the base from the elements

Skis and boards need to be tuned more than once at the beginning of the season; regular maintenance will prevent oxidation, which results in both dry bases and rusty edges. Beyond enhancing the performance of your skis or board, wax helps protect the bases against the elements and abrasion.

Saves you time and hassle

Many people can wax and sharpen their skis and boards at home, however, that can be messy and time consuming. Hand tuning your edges requires experience, patience, and a fair amount of time, and unless you have access to professional tuning equipment putting a sharp edge and wax on your gear is not quite enough.

Your board or skis will glide faster and for longer

Even if you buy a brand new board or skis, you should still get them hot waxed; When our technicians wax your skis or board, they heat the wax directly into the base, and scrap, buff and polish by hand each and every item. This means that your board or skis will glide for longer, faster than your mates!

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