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Bike Workshop

At Torpedo7 we have a serious passion for bikes. In fact our bike mechanics and bike shop staff ride, live, and breathe bikes! All our bike staff ride what we sell, so we know our products, how they perform and what works with what. If you need to get your bike fixed, repaired, or serviced, come see the fun, friendly, and knowledgeable bike team at your local Torpedo7 bike store.

We offer a huge range of bikes services in each of our bike workshops, which include everything from changing a tire tube, to full custom bike builds. Whether you need a general bike service, a full bike service, or a custom bike service, we'll be able to help. We can even fit your parts brought online! Pricing guidelines are below but for booking and accurate quotes please contact your local Torpedo7 shop. Even if you just need some advice, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Each of our shops have fully equipped bike workshops, run by qualified bike mechanics to help with any bike servicing, bike repairs, or any bike related issue you may have. We are experts at Cross Country bikes, Downhill bikes, 29ers, 27.5" bikes, 26ers, Road Bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Trail bikes, Cruisers, Tandems, kid's bikes and even Unicycles. We fix everything with two wheels! And if we don't know it, we know where to find it out!

Bike Repairs and Bike Service

*Parts not included. For an accurate job estimate please contact your local Torpedo7 Bike store.

Additional Bike Services

Front Fork Service, Rear shock air sleeve service, Brake Bleed, Brake Pad Replacement, Bike Wheel Build, Bike Wheel True and Tension, Spoke(s) Replacement, Bike Tyre and/or bike tube replacement (excl tyre or tube), Bike Bar Tape (excl tape), Gear Tune, Brake Cable replacement, Shifter Cable replacement, Bike chain fitting suspension Pivot Service, Bike Assembly, Bike box and disassemble, Drivetrain Clean, Hub Service, Bottom Bracket Service, Headset Service, Dual suspension Pivot Service, Custom handlebar set-ups, Clean bike, Race tune, Installations - Bike racks, computers, pedals etc..., Tubeless tyre set up

Bike Maintenance Recommendations

Keeping your bike in great condition through regular servicing is hugely important. A regularly maintained bike is safer, performs better, and will save you money in the long run as serious repairs are less likely due to small issues being picked up before they develop.

It is also very important to have your bike serviced after riding through water, or after a ride that has you crossing rivers. If water gets into the hubs or bottom bracket (or headset if it goes under water), it will likely cause the parts to seize up if left un-serviced, i.e. wheels and pedals will not go round! If this sounds like you, book your bike in ASAP for a service that includes draining and stripping the hubs and bottom bracket (and headset if it went underwater) and giving them a fresh layer of grease. Riding your bike will also help to remove water but it will not remove all moisture, and any water is bad water in these areas!