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Terms and Conditions of Sale:

The savings you can make on our Combo deals are based on all products being purchased and retained by you. Our standard Return policy is applicable to all products within a combo deal but please take note of the special conditions for exchanges and returns:

Exchanges – If you receive your combo and find that you need to exchange part of it for alternative product, please note that any credit or amount owed by you will be calculated based upon the difference between the original combo price paid and the value of the new combo deal.

Returns – If you choose to return all of the products in the combo then we can supply you with either a store credit or refund for the full value of the combo. If you choose to break the combo by only returning part of the deal but keeping the rest of products then you are no longer eligible for the discount applied to the combo pricing and any credit or refund will be based on the original combo price paid and our normal retail price for the products you have chosen to keep.

Before exchanging or returning any part of a combo deal please contact our returns department at so that we may help you with re-pricing your options.