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ProRunner 42XT Treadmill - Grey/Red


ProRunner 42XT Treadmill - Grey/Red

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Get ready to make some great changes to your health and fitness this year by adding this intuitive, comfortable and well specked treadmill to your home gym. Prorunner have become a favourite brand here at No.1 Fitness thanks to successfully serving thousands of fit and happy customers.
The Prorunner 42XT features a 2 continuous (3 peak) horsepower motor, capable of speeds ranging between 1 - 16kph. This allows for you to enjoy everything ranging from relaxing walking, to fast jogging speeds all in the comfort of your home.
Unlike some similarly priced options, the Prorunner 42Xt features fully motorised incline which allows you to alter the gradient of the machine with a simple touch of a button while exercising.
Although we all understand the benefit of treadmills as being the ability to exercise regardless of the outside weather conditions, many overlook the other main benefit compared to traditional road running. The 42Xt features a cushioned running deck to significantly reduce the amount of impact your joints are subject to compared to pounding the pavement, promoting long term joint health!
Through the user-friendly console area you can either customize your own workout experience or enjoy one of 36 pre set workouts. These programs help to keep you motivated by adding variety to your daily training sessions.
Torpedo7 recommends the 42XT as the perfect choice for anyone seeking an affordable home option to allow for walking and jogging sessions. If this sounds like you, definitely give this much loved model some serious consideration!
Key Features:

  • Motor: 2.0 Continuous HP, 3.0 Peak HP

  • Speed & Incline: 1-16kph, 1-12%

  • Setup Size: 1650mm L X 750mm W x 1310 mm H

  • Other Features: 36 Programs, MP3 Player Input & Speakers, 110kg Max User Weight, 1300 mm x 410mm Running Mat

  • Warranty: 10 years on frame, 5 years on motor, 1 year on Parts and labour

User Reviews

100 Reviews
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  • Greatï¼?
    I bought this treadmill one month ago and it is brilliant. It's very easy to fix and works very well. My daughter and I use it almost every day.
    Lin Zhang 2019-02-11 21:42:30.0 Recommends this product
  • product has great features
    Easy to use and set up.
    Delivery was a little slow but delivery people were helpful.
    Myles Plummer 2018-08-27 13:27:14.0
  • Awesome machine. Absolutely looove it for every aspect.
    Awesome customer service. Was delivered the same week we ordered.
    Highly reccomended
    Kimberley 2018-02-10 00:00:00.0
  • I have dealt wiith quite a few fitness companies BUT No.1 fitness puts them all to shame. No.1 fitness truly deliver on quality products, great value for money, exceptional service and support as well as speedy delivery.
    I will gladly deal with them for any further fitness equipment needs.
    Adriaan 2018-02-07 00:00:00.0
  • We recently purchased this treadmill online and we are very happy with it. Delivery was prompt, and assembly was surprisingly easy. The machine goes well, perfect for our family.
    Deborah 2018-02-05 00:00:00.0
  • Great price for a very good piece of kit, delivery was quick and the treadmill is extremely easy to set up. Very happy with purchase.
    Andy 2017-10-19 00:00:00.0
  • Great treadmill, super easy to assemble and super fast delivery.
    Hn 2017-10-15 00:00:00.0
  • Amazing service!! Love it!! So easy to assemble and use. Extremely happy with the ProRunner 42XT Treadmill would highly recommend to anyone, programs to work for beginner upwards something for everyone. Great treadmill. Great Buy.
    Shelley 2017-09-26 00:00:00.0
  • Great treadmill! Really pleased with all its features and the fact i can hook up my phone to play music while I run.
    Alana 2017-09-21 00:00:00.0
  • .Have just purchased the ProRunner 42XT Treadmill and the service from No 1 Fitness was great and was delivered in no time despite our rural location. Have used the machine every day and is every thing I need. Would definitely recommend this treadmill
    Christine 2017-08-17 00:00:00.0
  • What a fantastic machine!! I am new to this "being healthy" and found this treadmill really easy and quick to setup, and I'm really enjoying myself! Thanks!!
    Shelley 2017-08-09 00:00:00.0
  • A great treadmill and a very good price! very happy with the purchase, im actually a bit in love with it! so easy to assemble, easy to use. The only thing was my partner had to drill the holes a little bit to put the protectors on at the bottom but I think that was because it was paintedafter the holes were drilled so they were slightly smaller then the screws but a little drill in each and not a problem at all. Delivery was super fast too!!! Love buying from Number 1, very happy customer :) A+++++++
    Rachel 2017-08-04 00:00:00.0
  • We received this treadmill a week ago and love it, it suits our needs profoundly both with the mechanisms and workings of this machine and the price. The staff at number one fitness were extremely helpful, we would highly recommend purchasing any fitness equipment through them. Thanks heaps guys :)
    Jennifer 2017-08-01 00:00:00.0
  • Awesome treadmill, very quiet, sturdy and easy to put together. Loving the grey colour of the newer treadmill as I had a previous white colour
    Audrey 2017-07-27 00:00:00.0
  • Have just purchased the ProRunner 42XT Treadmill and the service from No 1 Fitness was fantastic, easy to purchase and such a quick delivery. The treadmill was easy to set up and I have used it everyday since I purchased it. What an awesome machine it does everything I need and is comfortable easy to operate and fits my exercise requirements. Would definitely recommend.
    Michelle 2017-07-18 00:00:00.0
  • We were very pleased to receive our Prorunner 42XT Treadmill, in a short space of time from No.1 Fitness. We are enjoying using the machine, it is really meeting our fitness needs at this time and we have no issues with this purchase.
    Phil 2017-06-25 00:00:00.0
  • Such a great product, definitely recommend to anyone looking for a treadmill!
    Allie 2017-06-10 00:00:00.0
  • Excellent treadmill for such a low price, very easy to assemble ,fast delivery
    Highly recommended.
    Stu 2017-04-11 00:00:00.0
  • Great purchase and it looks good. Great quality and great discounted price with all the features you would expect from a very expensive top of the range treadmill. I am super please with my purchase. Very easy to assemble as well.
    Linnel 2017-03-07 00:00:00.0
  • This was exactly what I wanted as I am an elder lady who is nervous about walking alone. I can now walk in the comfort and safety of my home. I use it four times a week on the days that I do not do aqua aerobics. I'm loving it.
    Ann 2017-02-19 00:00:00.0
  • Great machine highly recommend
    Stuart 2017-01-27 00:00:00.0
  • Great machine wish we had sooner also great service and communication
    Stuart 2017-01-27 00:00:00.0
  • Fast delivery, very easy to install. Excellent machine.
    Susan 2017-01-19 00:00:00.0
  • This pro-runner is exactly what I needed ! Every night after I put my baby to sleep I go for a quick run on it ! Love it
    Selma 2017-01-19 00:00:00.0
  • Awesome - love it - easy to set up - works great - mp3 speakers have great sound - highly recommended :)
    Jo 2017-01-14 00:00:00.0
  • First treadmill I have ever bought and it was well worth the price, Number 1 fitness delivery was fast and efficient, treadmill was easy to set up, I am very happy with my purchase.
    Daniel 2017-01-10 00:00:00.0
  • Excellent treadmill...way better quality than I thought...extremely happy.
    Helen 2016-12-18 00:00:00.0
  • Great value for money
    Jono 2016-12-17 00:00:00.0
  • The treadmill is great and perform well. Mp3 speaker quality is also good. However, I have received Grey colour instead of white as per the description and photos. I didn’t have a clue that this treadmill was also available in grey colour otherwise I should have checked it before I open the box.
    Dennis 2016-12-16 00:00:00.0
  • Great treadmill, this is the second identical model I have purchased the first one lasted 5 years with consistent use 3-4 days per week.
    Darryl 2016-12-05 00:00:00.0
  • Great deal. Staff were all really great to deal with.
    Tara 2016-12-04 00:00:00.0
  • Fast delivery, excellent machine, I00% recommend to family and friends.
    Akosita 2016-12-02 00:00:00.0
  • Fast delivery, easy to use, good quality and excellent mp3 speaker. Absolutely enjoying it^_^
    Jemarie 2016-11-18 00:00:00.0
  • Arrived quickly after purchase and was easy to assemble. A good basic treadmill, perfect for home use. I would recommend to others.
    Christina 2016-10-03 00:00:00.0
  • Incredibly comfortable to run on.
    Quiet, smooth and responsive motor performance regardless of speed and incline levels.
    Easy to read display with good variation of programs and the inclusion of mp3 connectivity is a real bonus.
    Victoria 2016-10-02 00:00:00.0
  • This treadmill really ticks all the boxes....great price, easy to install, runs smoothly, looks good and is versatile enough for a wide range of fitness levels. I liked my son's so much I had to have one ! Highly recommended.
    Sandra 2016-10-01 00:00:00.0
  • Easy to assemble, very good product, highly recommended!
    Gary 2016-09-26 00:00:00.0
  • This is a good machine i love mine super quick delivery would recommend this A+++
    Amy 2016-08-09 00:00:00.0
  • Really happy with the Treadmill ! Arrived within 3-4 days and was quick to assemble and easy to use ! Great product I would recommend to others.
    Jill 2016-07-19 00:00:00.0
  • Fast delivery and very easy to assemble, works a treat and does everything I wanted
    Louise 2016-06-07 00:00:00.0
  • Great machine. Perfect for what we want. Great service from no. 1 fitness too.
    Louise 2016-06-05 00:00:00.0
  • Very happy with the service, delivery & machine. I am 70 & have a balance problem but still want to exercise, using the treadmill I can do it safely at home. Have reccomended it to others. Thank you.
    Wendy 2016-04-30 00:00:00.0
  • Thanks No1 Fitness I am more than happy with my new treadmill. Also thank you for its timely arrival. Cheers
    Jen 2016-04-26 00:00:00.0
  • Great treadmill, easy purchase delivered to my door. There was a slight problem as the bolt holes didn't line up so my hubbie had to file & rescrew a couple of holes. Lucky I have him.
    Karon 2016-04-22 00:00:00.0
  • The Pro Runner 42XT Review

    Where do I begin? Perhaps when I unboxed this tredmill is the best place to start.

    The 42XT was suprisingly easy to assemble out of the box and easy enough to be moved around my house.

    The tredmill itself is easy to fold and store away and is pretty well desgined in the looks department.

    The machine itself does a good job of simulating a slow walk to a marathon in my opinion even though I have no knowlege of how to run a marathon.

    I would give this tredmill a solid 4.5/5, its onlynflaw is that it doesn't have a cooler name.

    Would reccomend to begginer runners and even professional runners, this machine is cheaper than most tredmills and still performs great

    Hamish 2016-04-21 00:00:00.0
  • Great service and prompt delivery
    Amy 2016-04-18 00:00:00.0
  • We are totally happy with the treadmill! Great service & quick delivery! Definately recommend
    Rebecca 2016-04-18 00:00:00.0
  • The 42 XT is a great mid level treadmill.It has amazing set workout levels and a great display. So easy to assemble as well.
    Daniel 2016-04-18 00:00:00.0
  • The 42 XT is a great mid level treadmill.It has amazing set workout levels and a great display. So easy to assemble as well.
    Daniel 2016-04-18 00:00:00.0
  • Am so loving my 42XT Treadmill - let me count the ways!
    I received invaluable help from the No.1 Fitness staff regarding treadmill suitability, purchase process and delivery to suit my needs, making the whole experience stress-free. The treadmill was a genuine, minimal assembly job (which I did on my own, no help from hubby) and was made easier with the booklet and video link instructions (sometimes it is just easier to 'see' someone do it first). I now have a treadmill with a fantastic range of fitness programs and the freedom to 'free-style' a workout of my choosing, it is relatively quiet when in use (especially if my puffing and panting is ignored) and allows me to exercise to my hearts content in the safety of my own home. There is now no need for me to feel that I can't get out and run safely on my own because it is too late/early in the day or too dark out there on the streets. Thanks so much No.1 Treadmill staff, for helping me find a fantastic solution to continue running while keeping 100% safe!
    Yolanda 2016-04-11 00:00:00.0
  • Kashmir 2016-01-29 00:00:00.0
  • Purchase-Delivery-Price. This is our second treadmill we have purchased from NO.1 Fitness.....Both times we have had excellent service from ease of purchase, delivery and price. Due to personal changes we passed our first one on to a friend who is still getting great use from it. now we have our new one, its great again. Highly recommend No.1 Fitness, for those three key areas Ease of Purchase, Delivery and Price
    Jenny 2016-01-28 00:00:00.0
  • This treadmill is awesome! So easy to assemble and fast delivery. (We are rural and it was here 4days after ordering.) we are very happy with our purchase
    Lisa 2016-01-27 00:00:00.0
  • Fabulous machine, easy to put together and easy to use. No fuss.
    Trish 2016-01-15 00:00:00.0
  • First thing I noticed when I was unpacking the box was, that the bars etc were nice and sturdy. It was very easy to set up, really a kid could do it. A few bolts and screws, and Bob is your uncle. Ready to use. Don't forget to plug it in of course.
    Now we are going to built up our fitness. No running in 28 degrees heat, or in pelting rain. Just inside watching TV at the same time. Who says men can't multi task.
    EJay 2015-12-30 00:00:00.0
  • First treadmill and completely satisfied. Quite and a better top speed than most at this price point - especially when it was on sale! Would I recommend it? Yes, indeed.
    Braden 2015-11-23 00:00:00.0
  • First of all, the customer service provided by No1 fitness is awesome.

    The treadmill is easy to assemble and I was up and running within 15mins. The user interface is easy to use, even my 5 year old son knows how to use it. I especially love the motorised incline option where I can change the incline in less than a second. The speed can be changed in 0.1Km/h increments but I simply hit the predefined speeds on the user interface. This machine all has a pulse sensor which is helpful.

    Overall I love this machine, its easy to use and money well spent.
    Robbie 2015-11-23 00:00:00.0
  • Excellent purchase easy to assemble easy to operate awesome service I would recommend this treadmill
    Eileen 2015-11-22 00:00:00.0
  • This had to be the easiest piece of gym equipment to assemble. It is very quiet to use and has a good cushion effect underfoot and easy to understand the workout controls too. Highly recommended!.
    Felicity 2015-11-14 00:00:00.0
  • easy to use. a must have item to keep healthy!
    Betty 2015-11-13 00:00:00.0
  • A good treadmill for first purchase but easy to setup and use in the home.
    Rebecca 2015-11-08 00:00:00.0
  • Really happy about my purchase, great prompt service and delivery. Thanks
    Martin 2015-11-06 00:00:00.0
  • It is good one for home purpose.
    Renji 2015-11-05 00:00:00.0
  • Fast delivery, 2 days. Easy to order. Easy to set up. It was heavier than I had expected, so might be a little difficult for some people to set up or move around. It goes at the fast speeds that I was wanting and it has a good variety of programs, all with incline use. Just what I was looking for, just like it said in the blurb. Very happy. I had never ordered from No.1 Fitness before so thank you for the fast delivery Mainfreight and product being just what was described. Thanks.
    T 2015-10-12 00:00:00.0
  • Awesome service and really happy with my purchase!
    Siwan 2015-10-04 00:00:00.0
  • Best buy I have made, I have always wanted my own treadmill and now I have one. Love it
    Paula 2015-09-18 00:00:00.0
  • Loving it, everything they said it would be and more. Have been using it everyday for 2months now and have had no problems at all, not even with the mat slipping. Highly recommend it.
    Rangi 2015-09-15 00:00:00.0
  • very happy with my treadmill purchase it was delivered to the door in only a couple of days. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy and everything I hoped for. I have put it to good use and I am already feeling the benefits. Great service, Great product.
    Anne 2015-09-06 00:00:00.0
  • Great Value for money, having owned other treadmills in the past the ProRunner 42XT Treadmill supasses all my expectations. Light weight with all the desired features. A must for every home gym.
    HELEN 2015-09-06 00:00:00.0
  • Easy to assemble and even easier to use great machine does what it says it does and then some, great buy
    Kieron 2015-09-04 00:00:00.0
  • Really impressed with the product and service - went the extra mile for me living rurally - Thanks again for your advise and service
    Sarah 2015-09-01 00:00:00.0
  • This treadmill is amazing value for money with a level of quality that was a surprise package. As a long term runner, now onto my 3rd treadmill, I would recommend incorporating the use of a treadmill into a running programme and this Prorunner 42XT fits the bill. The deck is surprisingly long, has automated level changes, a good maximum pace and fantastic cushioning. The set up was super easy. I'm a happy to recommend this unit.
    Muzza 2015-08-29 00:00:00.0
  • Great product, and fast delivery, recomanded
    vivi 2015-08-28 00:00:00.0
  • An awesome machine, money well spent, hubby goes on it everyday and enjoys the 30 minute workout. Easy to use functions, easy to move around and put away, highly recommend to all!
    Cheri 2015-08-28 00:00:00.0
  • I absoutly love my new pro runner tread mill. After a lot of research, no 1 fitness had the best priced treadmill in New Zealand. Thanks heaps No 1 fitness - I will have my new body in no time
    Karen 2015-08-27 00:00:00.0
  • I bought the ProRunner 42 XT a couple of weeks ago to help with my rehabilitation after surgery, it's just the best thing. The staff were really helpful and informative, the online purchase was a breeze and the delivery was fast considering it was rural. The treadmill was very easy to set up and I love using it, very user friendly and a huge help to my recovery and rehabilitation.
    Heather 2015-08-25 00:00:00.0
  • Love love love this treadmill! I use it most days love the incline and all the programs and being able to connect my iPhone to play music. Highly recommend this treadmill
    Bridget 2015-08-25 00:00:00.0
  • Great machine & great service = great company
    Natasha 2015-08-21 00:00:00.0
  • I ordered this product and it arrived the very next day, fantastic service. The running machine I got was just as described and was very easy to assemble (6 or 8 screws). Will definitely use no1 fitness again :)
    Jason 2015-08-12 00:00:00.0
  • Great treadmill. Very easy to assemble. Lots of features. Best value for money of the different ones I looked at. Very quick delivery from purchase. Excellent . :)
    Patrice 2015-08-10 00:00:00.0
  • The treadmill arrived and was easily put together using the helpful video link. It has been a pleasure to use and saves me trips to the gym for the same purpose. Many thanks
    Lynley 2015-07-28 00:00:00.0
  • easy assemble very quite user friendly we use it every day
    tom 2015-07-26 00:00:00.0
  • I was over the moon with this treadmill when i received it, really good quality better than i expected for the price we paid. Very happy with this purchase thanks alot. Lisa :)
    Lisa 2015-07-24 00:00:00.0
  • A fantastic experience buying my new treadmill online. The service and 'Live Chat' were extremely helpful. Very happy with my treadmill. Would highly recommend No 1 Fitness
    Lynette 2015-07-23 00:00:00.0
  • A bit of a bumpy start when the treadmill stopped working after only 1 day but 1st Fitness got the technician out promptly and fixed the console. Now working really well. Very happy with the product and more importantly the service we received. Thank you
    Anthea 2015-07-23 00:00:00.0
  • really nice and super fast
    With a good price
    Hajer 2015-07-21 00:00:00.0
  • I love this machine, makes cardio so easy, doesn't take up too much space yet is powerful and not overly noisy, so watching tv and jogging has become a habit
    Petra 2015-07-10 00:00:00.0
  • Great value for money, this treadmill has all the features of a gym quality treadmill. Easy to assemble and easy to use. I especially like the quick start buttons and the electronic incline adjustment. Recommend
    Neal 2015-07-10 00:00:00.0
  • Was a bit worried about buying a treadmill online without having seen it first. But I'm so glad I did! It's exactly as described. Setting it up was so easy. Have used it almost every day since I got it. No complaints at all I'm very happy with my purchase thank you!
    Cherie 2015-07-09 00:00:00.0
  • This treadmill has totally surpassed what I imagined it to be. I'm really impressed with the quality for the amount spent. There will be many happy workouts on our home.
    It feels sturdy and has more than ample programs and features.
    Heidi 2015-07-07 00:00:00.0
  • Love my treadmill. I'm on it at least 5 days a week. I love how I can do my own program me or choose one of the programs already set up. It is perfect for what I am needing. I even have my step son hooked.
    It's a great treadmill. Highly recommend it.
    Wendy 2015-07-04 00:00:00.0
  • Perfect treadmill for me..just love it :-) It is great having it at home so I can use it whenever I feel like it without having to go out to the gym. It runs perfectly and is quiet enough not to wake my shift working husband!! A real bonus. One tip though, when taking it out of the box make sure it is already in the room you want it to stay in. It is very heavy and is too wide to fit through a standard doorway without tilting it on its side so much easier if not unpacked. We had an "interesting" time to say the least as we had unpacked it in the garage! Will definitely buy off Number one fitness again and spread the word how awesome they are to deal with.
    Gaye 2015-06-30 00:00:00.0
  • So easy to set up and easy to use. We are very happy with our treadmill.
    Natalie 2015-06-30 00:00:00.0
  • Just what i wanted. working well and i love it.
    Pauline 2015-06-28 00:00:00.0
  • So glad I purchased my treadmill. I'm now able to walk day or night, morning or evening and not be governed by daylight or work.
    Janine 2015-06-25 00:00:00.0
  • Great product, easy to setup and easy to use
    Craig 2015-06-21 00:00:00.0
  • Rebecca at #1 fitness was awesome. Really new her products and helped stair me to the right treadmill. Excellent communication process from start to finish. Delivery company was super fast and efficient, just plain nice guys. Love, love, love my new treadmill. Easy to set up, fantastically convenient having a treadmill at home and have practically lived on it. Money well spent.
    Lisa 2015-06-16 00:00:00.0
  • I can proudly claim that I have got the best treadmill both from a price and performance view point, I have already started to loose weight and I really enjoy doing workouts with this treadmill.....Thank You, No.1 Fitness!!!
    Siva 2015-06-15 00:00:00.0
  • We are very impressed with our recent purchase of the ProRunner 42XT treadmill. Value for money this treadmill is hard to go past, has all the features of considerably more expensive treadmills and can honestly recommend to others.
    David 2015-06-09 00:00:00.0
  • Great customer service. Made my online purchase incredibly easy! Everyone I dealt with from sales to delivery were awesome! Really enjoying using the treadmill!
    Christina 2015-06-01 00:00:00.0

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