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Stand up Paddle Boards (SUPs) are a great way to hit the water this summer.

Once you have your board sorted, and a life jacket and paddle, you are ready to get out there. One of the cool things about SUP-ing is that it's relatively easy and you'll be surprised at how fast you're standing up, got your balance and off exploring.

Standing above the waterline gives you a great view of everything around, and a very different perspective when looking back to land. Not only will you be enjoying yourself and the beautiful scenery, you get a decent workout too - especially in the upper body and core.

There are three main types of SUPs, inflatables, epoxy resin (like a big surfboard) and soft tops; which have epoxy resin bases with super soft tops. Inflatables are surprisingly durable, being made with extra tough fusion double layer construction. The cool thing with these boards is that they are easy to transport and store - you can put them in the boot of any car and they are easy to pump up (only takes a few minutes).

Epoxy resin boards are easier to manoeuvre in windy conditions and perform well in the surf, due to being slightly heavier. The epoxy boards require some transport (roof racks usually) and some additional storage space around the house or garage.

The Torpedo7 team will be happy to talk through the different boards and accessories you'll need to get started on a SUP this summer, come check out the full range of SUP in-store.

With a SUP there are no limits to the waterways you can explore, all ages can get paddling easily and quickly. Group SUP-ing is a great way for the family or friends to get together on the water - more people, more fun. Always wear a life jacket and paddle within your limits for the conditions.

Happy paddling!

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