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How to Choose Your Mountain Bike


New Zealand has some world’s most beautiful forests, some of which have been developed into some truly epic riding trails.


It’s no surprise that mountain biking is fast becoming the most popular and exhilarating way to experience the beauty of New Zealand and its majestic scenery.






A few favourite NZ trails:


  1. Woodhill Mountain Bike Park in Auckland
  2. Whakarewarewa (Redwoods) in Rotorua
  3. Kaimanawas in Taupo
  4. Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park in Wellington
  5. Old Ghost Road in Westport
  6. Rude Rock Track in Queenstown
  7. Craigieburn Forest Park in Christchurch

Regardless of riding ability and age, when riding in New Zealand forests, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.



So, which bike is right for you?

Think about where you plan to ride, and your riding style.


Basic and light, built for urban trails and commuting, but not mountain bike trails.


Optimised for speed over uneven terrain, very light and great at climbing hills.

Off-road trail

Fairly light and good at climbing hills, yet also designed to go down hills.


For aggressive trails, built to be robust and durable. More powerful brakes.


Large, heavy, tough and designed for riders on extreme downhill tracks.



Suspension: Hardtail or dual?

Both have their pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to think about how you plan to put your bike to use! Yeoooow.

Hardtail Suspension

Hardtail has a set of front suspension forks with a shock absorber – there is no rear suspension. Great at charging down trails and climbing tracks, while being cheaper and lighter than full suspension. It has fewer mechanical parts, which means less repair and maintenance, but not as comfortable as a dual suspension bike.

Hardtail suspension is a good choice for: Recreational Cross-Country.

Examples of hardtail suspension bikes in store:

Trek 2019 Marlin 6 MTB

Trek 2019 Marlin 6 MTB





Torpedo7 Men’s Vortex 2.0 MTB 27.5

Torpedo7 Torpedo7 Men's Vortex 2.0 MTB 27.5





Giant 2019 ATX 2 27.5 MTB






Liv 2019 Enchant 1 24

Liv 2019 Enchant 1 24 (2)





Dual Suspension

Dual suspension has both a shock-absorbing front and rear system. The wheels track the ground and terrain better and roll more smoothly. This means the bike is faster, especially downhill. It handles rocks and drops from jumps better and is more comfortable to ride. However, more parts mean the cost and weight is higher than a hardtail suspension bike.

Dual suspension is good choice for: Cross-Country, Enduro, Trail, Downhill.

Drool worthy examples of dual suspension bikes in store:

Whyte Bikes 2019 S-150 S MTB

Whyte Bikes 2019 S-150 S MTB





Trek 2019 Remedy 8 27.5 MTB






Giant 2019 Trance 3 MTB
Giant Giant 2019 Trance 3 MTB

Liv 2019 Hail 2 MTB

Liv 2019 Hail 2 MTB





Bike Sizing Guide

When choosing a bike, fit and size are the most important factors when it comes to comfort.



**Bonus Bike Safety Check

Every new bike purchased from Torpedo7 includes a bonus bike safety check.

Talk to one of our bike experts for more info.


Happy shredding!



Whether you're wanting to choose the right gear or find out about the best spots, we've got experts who can help.

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